7 Haircare Tips I Couldn’t Live Without

Hello, all! I have been doing rather hairy posts recently and I thought I would add to the hairy fun with my 7 Haircare Tips I Couldn’t Live Without. I, along with most of you, have hair and am always striving to make the most out of it. To help you on your haircare journey of discovery here are some tried and tested tips to voom-ify your hair.

1. This one is courtesy of my hairdresser at Regis salons. She told me to treat my hair like my favourite fluffy jumper. You wouldn’t wash it unnecessarily at regular intervals in the week, you would only wash it if it got dirty or really needed it. This preserves it’s colour, texture and quality. The moral of the story is don’t wash your hair too often. It may be tempting to wash it before it gets greasy but overwashing is damaging to your hair and does it no good at all. Wait until it needs the wash, then wash it.

2. Thick, voluminous hair in an instant? Oh yes! This tip was found in an earlier edition of Vogue magazine. Although blowdrying your hair upside down is a surefire way to increase volume, a lesser known daily trick is to brush your hair upside down (and then again the right way up if it needs it). This is a lot quicker and can be done every morning without heat-traumatizing your hair. It pumps up the volume without side effects…have we died and gone to hair heaven here?!

3. Talking of blowdrying, anyone suffer from frizz-mania after they’ve finished? I used to, until I discovered what I was doing wrong. This tip is from the Elle magazine website. Point the airflow of the hairdryer down the shaft of the hair – if the hairdryer points down, the hair will stay down! Makes sense really, doesn’t it? Point the airflow upwards and the hairs will rise upwards individually, therefore hello frizz.

4. This is a very simple fact that I’ve found is surprisingly unknown. When your hair is wet, it is very fragile and susceptible to breakage. Using a normal hairbrush will cause damage and breakage to the hair fibre as it is much too harsh. Instead, use a wide tooth comb or a tangle teezer when your hair is wet, which are much gentler on the hair and will not cause breakage. For blowdrying, use a tangle teezer whilst the hair is still substantially wet.

5. This is something I have been doing for a long while to smooth down flyaways in my braids. Apply hair gel to your already braided hair to increase the longevity and neatness of the braid. It can also be used to direct flyaways back into the braid to keep it smooth and tidy. It makes your hair super shiny too, which is always a bonus!

6. Another braidy tip for my long haired chums is to apply a deep conditioner to the remaining hair at the end of your braid. It is a great way to keep your ends nourished so they don’t get dry or (shock horror) split, and this can be a real problem when your hair gets really long because the nutrients in your scalp oils don’t travel so far down the hair shaft. It is also much more subtle to apply when your hair is in a braid than if it was down. You could even apply it to the whole braid if your hair was really troublesome!

7. This is one I hate doing, but it works just the same so I thought I should share. Rinse hair with cold water post-condition. This leaves hair silky smooth and radiant. It also seals the cuticle of the hair which reduces frizz. Personally, I can’t stand having cold water on my head after a nice cold bath! But it’s a great tip for the more brave amongst you!

I hope you enjoyed my haircare tips! My hair is a big part of my look so although I am not an expert in all things hair, I have spent a lot of time and money and tried and tested many different techniques so I feel I can at least help to guide you towards your perfect hair destination!

Before you go, leave a comment with your favourite haircare tip (and be sure to leave your blog link if you have one!)


SASHA x <3