Review: Chanel Le Vernis – Worth the hefty price tag?

Hi! If you’re a newcomer, I’m Sasha and I write about beauty, fashion and life in an attempt to contribute to society. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

I only own one of these nail polishes so I will review that and maybe you could comment if you have had similar experiences with the others.

Now there is absolutely no denying that Chanel make beautiful colours of nail paint. I absolutely LOVE the colour Ballerina that they have in this collection.

My colour is 559 Frenzy. It is a nude beige colour (anyone else get the joke? Beige? Frenzy?) and very nice looking, which is why I am constantly trying to work with it.


After one coat, it is extremely streaky and translucent and I immediately want to cover it up with another coat. Unfortunately, it takes around three further coats to achieve any solid colour, which is pathetic as Models Own have just released a collection that only requires one coat to get completely opaque colour. By the time I have finished, my nails feel super thick and globby and it often gets ruined as soon as anything touches it, regardless of how long I leave it to dry.

I just don’t get on with this nail polish. It doesn’t work on my nails, it doesn’t suit my price range, and it takes way too much time to apply. If this nail polish was cheaper, I would say it was worth it for the colour but the price just completely puts me off.

Sorry Coco. You need to sort out your polishes.

Please let me know in the comments if it is worth trying any of the others. Maybe I just have the faulty colour?

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