What Goes On My Lips!

My lip stuffs are a bountiful and beautiful collection, however not particularly diverse. It consists mostly of lip balms which I use to keep my lips from drying up and falling off, which takes a lot of work thanks to my abysmally dry skin. I have brands from The Body Shop to EOS, each providing different levels of effectiveness  and longevity on the lips.

I am trying to get more into lipstick but at the mo I just have a few colours. I seem to own a lot of lip gloss despite the fact I don’t wear it very often as it annoys me (actually probably more because I moved all my lip products on a really high shelf far away from my mirror and all my other make up so I can never be bothered to go up and get it) but I used to wear it quite a lot so I have a bit of a collection! All drugstore though, I had a tiny excuse for a budget back when I bought these!

As I have already sort of mentioned, I don’t use half of these products. At all. But writing this post has inspired me to get back into lippy products and now I plan to use the hell out of them! Except the unopened ones which I think I’m going to give away because I have way too many anyway.

lippy IMG_0307 eos

So there’s my collection! Most of it were gifts if I’m honest but I have contributed quite a few pennies to get this far! Ironically I bought another lip balm just after taking these photos, but it will have to remain a mystery until I blog about it separately later. Half of these things are things my grandma gave me for Christmas when I was younger, one being the Astor shine deluxe prismatic gloss which claims to last up to 6h. Granny has managed to give me eight of these over the years. I have to say, Granny – you did good! This is the best clear lip gloss I have ever tried; it’s the most long lasting, it makes my lips look plumper and gives them serious shine and glossiness, on its own or over any lip colour. It can also be layered up really thick depending on how much glamour you wish to inject into your look. It is my go-to lip gloss for a night out, especially when I want that extra boost of chic. I cannot sing its praises enough. It is truly a holy grail lip gloss.

lipstick mac lipstickkate moss lipstickFrom the left: Max Factor 894 Raisin, MAC A63 Lady Danger, Rimmel Kate Moss 05

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The Max Factor one was given to me by my mother in a kit containing that and some other Max Factor products in a cute folding bag with a how to use guide. This is my oldest and probably most used lipstick. Max Factor do not sell the exact same lipstick any more but they do sell the same colour in a different range which is what I have linked above.

The Body Shop lipgloss rimmel lipgloss

And here are my lip glosses! The ‘lip gloss’ tube in Cranberry Twist was my most used one when I was younger. I used it every day along with the other two that came with it in a set. Unfortunately I lost these other two and lost interest in the remaining one, veering instead towards the better known brands. This leads us on to the Rimmel Stay Glossy tubes which were given to me by my make up artist friend who had a few spare (she has worked for so many brands who give her free samples and now has so many that she simply gives them away…living the dream I say) and I really like the one in the middle – it’s got shimmer and glam and it would be my first choice if I wanted a tinted gloss on a night out. It’s fairly used for this reason, but I haven’t found it to have any out-of-this-world staying power despite what the name might suggest. The bottom one is slightly darker – DEFINITELY for eveningwear – and the top one is a barbie pop pink that’s nice to add a little fun to the mornings. The Body Shop ones were gifts and ones I will probably never use despite really liking them because I am one of those people who does not like sticking their finger in the pot. I want glossy lips, not sticky fingers!

nivealip balmFrom the left: EOS lip balm in Mint, Marks and Spencer Ingredients Shea Nut Lip Butter, The Body Shop lip butter in Shea, Lip Lishuss Vanilla Scent Lip Balm

Those not linked are part of sets

I forgot to include my Carmex Soothing Lip Balm because I don’t keep it with the others. I keep it where I can access it easily because sometimes my upper lip starts to flame up from chemicals in other lip products (if I overuse them) and this always sorts it out. Designed to treat cold sores, this ultra-soothing tingly balm contains camphor which alleviates burning and aloe butter, a natural plant-derived substance that heals and soothes. Menthol also cools and refreshes, offering relief from discomfort. I love this product as it’s tailored to my needs, feels GREAT on my lips (tingly and minty and soft…mmmm!) and it lasts for ages! I now permanently have my eye on Carmex.

The Body Shop lip butter smells good but does nothing for my lips. The Body Shop Shimmer Lip Balm in Lychee gives my lips a clear sparkle, but often sets off the irritation so I’ve stopped using it so much. The Miss Sports Dr. Balm is a tinted balm the colour of the packet and came free with another Miss Sporty purchase. I’ve not used it yet.

So that’s my collection! I could write more but I feel like I’m going on a bit so I’ll stop here and say thank you very much for reading!

Before you go, leave a comment telling me if you share any of my views or have your eye on any of these products, and be sure to leave your blog link if you have one!

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