Review: Skin Food or Skin Mood?

Bonjourno! I just LOVE what you’ve done with your hair. And your shoes! They’re fantastic! As you can tell, I’m feeling quite complimentary. I’m just in a rather jolly ol’mood!

Here’s a little review for you.

Weleda Skin Food:

I assumed it was some sort of body moisturiser because it didn’t say anything on the packet, but the name ‘skin food’ kind of suggested it to me.

It’s super thick and oily, which gives my skin a beauteous sheen (“I glow!!”) and silky soft, deep, 12h moisturisation. Surprisingly small amount needed too, and the outcome is just brilliant. Apparently – bit o’ gossip for you here – it’s used by Victoria Beckham and other celebs, and who knows, maybe this is her secret! (watch out footies…the girls are coming to getcha)

Orrrr…maybe not. There is one thing I haven’t mentioned which puts a bit of a damper on this shining spectacle; it smells rank! The tangy, pungent whiff made me think that mine had gone off, but when I smelt some more in a shop it was just as horrific.

Due to this, I am unsure whether to use or recommend this. The look and feel of my skin when I use it is almost incomparable…but so is the stink. In the worst way possible.

I guess, if you don’t think that anyone is going to be smelling you any time soon, go out, buy this, and maybe you’ll attract someone who will. From a distance. With nose pegs.

Seriously though, does anyone like the smell of this? Please let me know.

Love from,


P.S. You. Look. FABULOUS.

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