Superdrug Haul!

Well who doesn’t love a good ol’ haul! I went a bit splurgeous a couple days ago (very naughty) and Superdrug-ed my way to a £35 bill*. Yay!

Here are my purchases:


The first one from the left is the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure nail treatment ‘for severe problem nails’ (sounds a bit harsh) claiming to give you 40% stronger nails in three days and stop nails from peeling. My nails peel horribly all the time and are weak and bendy so this product and I get on like a house on fire. I have used this before and it really worked which is why I repurchased it, but it did go gloopy and unusable so I had to throw around half the product away. Despite this I was really impressed with the product and there was a truly noticeable difference in the strength of my nails.

The big bright yellow monstrosity in the middle there is the classic Carmex, a wonder product that is a staple in so many people’s handbags. It’s motto of soothing, relieving and moisturising is one that is true to the product and it is probably my favourite lip balm. This is not only due to its superior moisturising qualities and abundance of cool ingredients (Hello to you, menthol), but also its signature tingly, cold, fresh feeling that calms my often chemical-overloaded and inflamed lips. Fantastic product that can never be replaced. Also love the pop-art packaging and colour scheme.

Down there in the bottom right hand corner is the Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting transparent pressed powder. I needed a powder and I’ve heard the ravings so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and go apurchasing. I can’t wait to try it out.

bourjois foundation swatch

On the top: unblended On the bottom: blended (love that movie)


I was on the hunt for a new foundation when I came across this. I remember watching a YouTube video recommending this for a lighter coverage, and there was an offer on Bourjois so I happily donned it in my shopping basket. My colour is 52 Vanilla which was the second lightest they had in Superdrug. It’s a gel foundation claiming to last 16hrs and boost radiance for instant anti-fatigue. This is all due to the ‘Vitamin-rich fruit therapy’ in the mix, an exciting prospect that sounds as delectable as it’s sure to look. I really like the sound and the look of this, its a nice texture and blends well as you can see on my swatch. Loving the long, smooth bottle and red bursts of colour helping to reflect the ‘radiance’ that the product is designed to give, and the little image of fruit. Excellent packaging design I think.

Borjois blush Borjois blush brush borjois blush swatch

This beautiful Bourjois blush is quite a sheer colour that is very blendable and easy to layer. My above swatch was around three layers in fact! I really like the colour on the swatch it looks like it will really give my cheeks a pretty pink pop. I love the softly magnetic lid that ensures it stays tight shut around the little moulded brush which sits neatly atop the curved shape of the blush.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I said goodbye to more of my money and I’ll see you all next time <3

Love from,


* The products included in this post did not in themselves add up to £35, that was inclusive of some more personal products.

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