I’m Stuffed.

So today I went shopping in town with my lovely cousin and after feeling like I was going to faint from hunger for about an hour we finally sat down in the Mayfair Pizza Company.
As soon as I saw that there were black truffle arancini on the menu I knew I had to try those, which meant that she also ordered a starter which was pesto and tomato pizza bread.
After stuffing my face with two arancini balls an half a small pizza, I was full. But did I stop there? Nooooooooo. I ordered another pizza for the main. I almost ordered lamb shank! So glad I didn’t I would have thrown up!!
After polishing off half of my huge pizza containing smoked chicken and caramelised onions topped off with a sprinkling of rosemary, I knew it was really time to stop. Then I had a couple more pieces.
AND THEN, despite my stomachs best attempts to stop me by hurting very much, we decided to share a dessert because it just sounded too good to miss. It wasn’t even that nice but I scoffed my half clean up anyway.
But does it end there? Ohhhhhh no. I then had to buy myself a large size bubble tea in Topshop with extra passion fruit bubbles in it. Someone please give me some self control.
I won’t bother you with the details of this but I also ended up consuming many a chip and a quarter of a large sausage. This was before I even finished my by then sickening bubble tea. As you can understand I then spent a considerable amount of time on the toilet.
I am now writing to you on my tummy with a flat notebook underneath me in order to stop the pain. I am seriously far gone. I’m not eating anything ever again. Well, maybe tomorrow.
I appreciate that I need food to survive. But why does it have to be so damn YUMMY? And why does it have to cause me extreme pain whenever I give in?
Wish me moderation,

My Latest Bath

Bonjour bambinos! In recent news, I have had a bath. In this bath were a number of things that I had not yet tried, and was very excited to do so. Here are my thoughts on each one.

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser


I purchased this yesterday (despite not being on my list, dammit) having been enticed by the advert.

Moisturising always annoys me. I have around twelve different body butters and whatnot, and I put time and effort into actively despising the time and effort I must put into them. The distraction from whatever important thing you were doing having realised you forgot to moisturise. The endless rubbing. The greasy end. The Wait. The only upside to some of them is that heavenly smell…*drifts off into memories of passion fruit, coconut, and mango, only to go on a snacking binge*

Mmm. Passion fruit is yummy.

But Nivea has put up a hefty fight – this ‘pampering honey’ scented beauty smells good enough to, well, sit around and sniff all day. I also adore the fact that when you use it, you step out of the bath completely finished and you don’t have to do anything else but stroke your silky skin.

I also love that you wash it off, as I never liked rubbing cream into my skin then feeling as if I immediately wanted to wash it off again because I felt unclean.

It does it’s job, too – I came out of the bath with satin smooth legs. My arms weren’t so smooth, I don’t think I used enough as you can’t immediately tell whether you need more. My advice is simply ‘don’t be stingy’, the more you use the more moisturised you’ll feel.

This could be the future of moisture – watch out butters!

Sanex Zero% Shower Gel


Ok, so once again I have been subject to effective advertisement. I currently own many a shower gel but I got scared of all of them after seeing the Sanex Zero% advert, in which people rub paint over their bodies to represent the chemicals found in normal shower gels. Wanting a paint-free body, I stuffed this in my shopping basket as soon as I saw it.

The formula is thick and doesn’t lather easily, but I guess that’s due to the lack of thinning and lathering chemicals. It doesn’t smell bad, which impressed me as it has not got any fragrance.

This really isn’t the best shower gel, but I will definitely continue to use it, purely out of fear for the others.

VO5 Nourish My Shine Shampoo and Conditioner


Although this is formulated for damaged hair, I don’t use heat styling very often. I prefer leaving it in a plait overnight for a more natural, no fuss, super easy wave (try it!), however I do expose my hair to sunlight at every chance I get in an attempt to get highlights, which I think is pretty damaging (hence the term ‘sun damage’). Also, I want shiny hair. I just do.

The shampoo was easy to lather and a little went a long way with the conditioner. These are also super cheap – buy them together for £6 at Superdrug – and don’t smell half bad either.

Well, my hair is now shiny, but also greasy on the scalp which is extremely disappointing. I have never had this problem after the first wash before! My hair is quite light and quite soft, but for me, ‘quite’ just won’t cut it. I will not be using these again…they simply don’t suit my hair type. Maybe it was a bit unfair of me to give them a bad review as I’m not really the target market. Just stay away from these if you have normal-greasy hair.

Do you love or loath the Nivea in-shower? Are you worried about the chemicals in your shower gel? Let me know in the comments!

Love from,


Internet Shopping Addiction

Deep breath. Just stand up and do what you came for. Be brave! You can do this!

“Hi. I’m Sasha and I’m an internet shopping addict”


“Hi Sasha”

It all happened so quickly…I thought I was spending responsibly…I…I never wanted it to end this way-

Oh, stop feeling sorry for yourself. You were stupid and you know it.

Yeah. I was stupid. It was all so easy though…my wildest dreams at a click of a mouse. And you don’t feel the money leaving! You don’t see it as it runs and runs, sneakily, one by one, with every tiny purchase until you’re left with NOTHING. That’s when you fall hard…into the pit of darkness and despair that is overspending. WHY SUPERDRUG WHY MUST YOU CONSTANTLY HAVE THINGS I WANT??


That’s enough, Sasha. Just calmmm down.




Really, now. You’re a grown woman.


Just come with me, Sasha. We’re going to take you somewhere nice, where you can relax and take a break from internet shopping.

*Arrives at the ‘Reading is a Great Alternative’ institute for internet addicts, shopping ward*

What. Where are all the computers. Why am I surrounded by books. WHAT IS THIS HELL???

This is my last final message before I am purged of modern life forever…SOMEONE PLEASE RESCUE ME I NEED YOUTUBE TO SURVIVE

What have I become???

L o v e Y o u


Click here to reveal the product of my whirlwind of internet madness…

‘Beauty Shopping’

i.e. Spending way too much money on things you know, deep down inside, that you don’t really need / already have five of.

In an effort to prevent myself from falling into the never-ending pit of darkness and despair that is impulse buying (or, more accurately, receiving the bank statement after a period of impulse buying), I have made myself a specific list of the things I actually need so that I will only spend money on those. Very grown up and responsible. Well done me.

I have also gone to the trouble of researching which store the products are cheapest in. Most of the products are cheapest in Superdrug, in fact the only one that isn’t is a Boots own brand nail polish remover. There was one product that was the same in both shops, so I put the product on the pathetic-looking Boots list because I felt sorry for it.

Unfortunately my genius plan has a flaw. There are some non-specific things I need, such as waterproof eye shadow for apple bobbing or similar, and liquid eye liner. This will probably lead to me buying 50 different shades of waterproof eye shadow and five liquid eye liners. NOT GOOD.

What may also happen is that I will see something and think, ‘oh my god i must have that why isnt that on my list it so totally should be im getting one in every colour’, and totally ignore the system. I think I am simply going to have to rely on my amazing self control skills. HA HA.

Do you have any foolproof methods of shopping control? If ya do…please tell me. I need help.

Love from,



A Couple of High-Endies

I thought I would review a couple of my high end mascaras, for those of you who like to ‘live it large’, as they say.

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara


I like this one.  It makes my eyelashes slightly curled and very long, dark and voluminous.

The brush in the picture looks a lot thinner than my own brush, but I think that may be because the brush in the picture is very clean and my own brush always comes out with so much goop on it that it always looks super-thick.

Great for Chanel fans and high-end buyers, but if you’re on a budget, don’t splash out for this one as there are plenty of high street mascaras that are just as good.

Would I recommend this mascara? Only if you have a spare £25 lying around, in which case, it’s money well spent.

To use : Straight brush strokes keep lashes separate, zig-zag strokes clump lashes together.

M.A.C False Lashes Mascara


First impressions of the bottle (is it called a bottle? Ah, ignorance) is that is it sleek, dark and mysterious. Then I realise what it reminded me of: a chess piece.

After applying one and then two coats of this mascara, I am left with very natural looking lashes. If you really pile it on then you can get quite a false-lashy effect but, in my opinion, still very natural. I guess its nice if you don’t want to look too overdone.

The thick, heavily bristled brush doesn’t really grab lashes, so it just leaves them a bit normal looking.

Use zig-zag strokes for separated, slightly voluminous top lashes, and straight brush strokes for not-too-flashy bottom lashes.

For £18, this is definitely not worth the money, unless you are a huge fan of the I-cant-even-tell-you’re-wearing-make-up look.

Have you had completely different experiences with these mascaras? Do you have any good dupes? If so, tell me!

Love from,


Click on these links for my other mascara reviews, including my favourite new find: Clinique Lash Power MascaraNatural Collection Clear Mascara, Eyeko Skinny Brush MascaraMax Factor False Lash Effect.

My Latest in Beauty Box

Bonjour bambinos! How totally spiffing to speak to you again.

I come bearing news – I just received my very first Latest in Beauty Box!

It was very exciting when it arrived in the post. The box was a little smaller than I expected, but the free lindor egg I found inside made up for it, and it also meant that the items were packed tightly into the box, so there was no empty space and you felt like you got your money’s worth (£14.95 plus P&P).

I spent a long time deliberating on the website over which box to buy, as you can see the products in the box before you buy. I am unsure if I like this, although I did like making sure I wasn’t wasting any money on products I didn’t want or need. However it did lead to me being disappointed when some of the products in the box were absolutely mini, as they looked bigger on the website. It does tell you the size, but I didn’t realize that 8ml was THAT small.

I also missed out on the surprise that I know a lot of people enjoy from a beauty box, but i’m quite stingy at the moment so am generally not taking those kinds of risks.

So I received:

Mary Greenwell – Plum


I don’t have very much to say about this. How is one supposed to describe a perfume?     All right, I’ll give it a go.

The lusty, musty, wistful, woozy, intoxicating, dreamy, mindless, silky scent is all very well except that it reminds me of my grandma.

Bronze Buffer – Fake Tan Remover


I haven’t used fake tan in a while so I haven’t used this yet, but I’ll get back to you on this one.

Yu-Be – Moisturizing Skin Cream


On face : Fast absorbing, not greasy, so be liberal as is hard to spread. Very matte effect, I always have a problem with shine on my face and this is very impressive in effectively reducing shine (life saver for greasy T-zone girls!).

On lips : Most of the lip balms and butters I use kind of sit on your lips and don’t really feel like they penetrate, but they feel good when you rub your lips together. This is the opposite. It absorbs into your lips super-speedily so your lips feel like they are REALLY moisturised, but then you have nothing left on your lips as it has all absorbed. I suggest using this as a base BEFORE you lip balm, so your lips can be moisturised but then have something that feels good on top.

Elsewhere : V. fast absorb as is dry not greasy. Skin feels smooth and moisturised, but never greasy. Legs feel more smooth and moisturised compared to my normal moisturiser.

To add to the wonderfullness, it is the best selling beauty product in Japan, and a cult favourite among celebrities.

I would definitely recommend this. I haven’t checked the price but I don’t care.

Rimmel – BB Cream Matte

rimmel bb

This is a foundation. It hasn’t particularly impressed me, but I wouldn’t say it was bad, either. You do have to use quite a lot to get any coverage, though. I did feel that my spots couldn’t breath at the end.

Weleda – Skin Food


Haven’t tried this yet (CLICK HERE to see a full review), but apparently Victoria Beckham uses it. That’s all.

Kevin.Murphy – Color.Bug


I attempted to use this before going out one fine evening, and it is very easy to apply and made my hair a gorgeous purple colour. However, whenever my hair touched my face or my clothes, I got purple powder on everything, so if you’re going to try this out just be very careful (and don’t wear anything expensive).

Balmain – Silk Perfume


This is the first hair perfume that I’ve tried, and it was what I was looking forward to most in this box. I always find it hard to find a shampoo/conditioner that works well AND smells good, so this is an excellent alternative for me. The scent isn’t what I expected; with hair you usually want a fresh, clean, smell. This, however, is a woozy, fazed smell, much more sexy than one would expect. I like it – I am sitting here right now just smelling the bottle – and the mixture includes the cult favourite Argan oil, along with silk extract. It acts as a kind of leave-in conditioner, it makes hair shiny and leaves it in good condition, but does nothing to detangle (for me anyway). It should be used as a finishing spray for a final touch to your style. To use, aim a hairdryer at your mid lengths to ends and spray into the path of the hairdryer. This way, you end up with much more light and even coverage, if you spray it straight on to the hair a whole load of it will go into one place and look very uneven.

I do recommend this spray, but with an RRP of 20.95, you would be much better off buying it with this box and getting loads of other free goodies too.

Astalift – Rejuvenating Concentrate


As I haven’t really had a problem with premature aging, I gave this tiny sample to my mum.

DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil


I tried this out for a week without using a moisturiser, so I could see how it fared (is that even a word?) on its own. I have been very impressed with it, at the end of the week my skin was looking much clearer, and my number of spots decreased (woop woop). Then, after I went back to my previous face care regime, I developed two zits, a spot cluster on my forehead, and many a spot on and around my nose. This concludes that the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is much better than my previous skin care regime.

When I saw the bottle I was disappointed as it was the same height as my pinkie, including the lid. I was also worried that it would make my nose more oily, as it is, in fact, an oil. I needn’t have worried about either of these things – you only need to use a tiny amount and after a week of use I barely see the difference in the bottle. And it didn’t make my nose greasy at all.

I am very impressed with this. My 30ml bottle is £4.50 which is a fantastic price as I predict it to last me about six weeks.

Overall, I love this box and most of the products inside it. I will definitely keep an eye on the Latest in Beauty website!

What’s your favourite beauty box?

Love from,


What I’m Loving

These are a few of my favourite things…*SPONTANIOUSLY BURSTS INTO SONG* mittens and kittens and something about roses…

What I’m Loving

Costa Skinny Mocha

I have been on the hunt for quite a while now for a satisfying coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker, so I don’t really like the bitter taste that I find in so many coffee shops. The closest I came to satisfaction was a little bottled Starbucks Frappuccino, I had to hold my nose every time I drank it because it was made with UHT milk, but I was willing to do this as it was the only coffee I remotely liked. Then, to my utter horror and disappointment, they discontinued the drink. I was so distraught that I decided to stop drinking at Starbucks altogether and hop along to Costa right next door, which is where I came across this gem of a coffee. The skinniness makes it not too thick or creamy so I don’t feel sick afterwards, and I always like mochas for their chocolately flavour. Just for the record though, this coffee is not ‘perfect’. I don’t know if I’ll ever find my perfect coffee…have you found yours?

Sushi Japan

Located in North Finchley, my mum, dad sister and I eat at this restaurant almost every week. It is by no means my favourite Japanese restaurant food-wise, but the value of their lunch special is staggering, and I always leave feeling full and satisfied. For £5.90 you can get:

-Six maki rolls

-A portion of teriyaki

-A portion of rice (AMAZINGG with soy sauce)

-A portion of salad

-Japanese tea (refillable) or miso soup

All in a cute little bento box. Considering my family usually spends around £60 on a trip to Yo Sushi, this is an amazing spending detox for us, and the only thing that even tastes better in Yo Sushi is the chicken teriyaki. All in all, I recommend giving this restaurant a go (although I did get told off last time I was there for stabbing my lettuce).

Innocent Smoothie – Mangoes and Passion Fruits

This is so far my favourite innocent smoothie (although the defence super smoothie is high on my list), in fact, it might even be my favourite drink. There’s two of your five a day in every delicious bottle, and it gives you the goodness of six different types of fruit. For some reason (possibly the fantastic flavour) I can never put this drink down, so I usually end up downing it in under a minute.

Gossip Girl

Having just discovered this series on Netflix, I am officially obsessed. I am so far gone that the ‘buffering’ on Netflix (my internet connection is dismal) bugged me so much that I had to buy the box set. It is actually ridiculous. I am a really bad binge-watcher. I binge-watched Friends so bad that Phoebe’s pregnancy lasted a day for me.

SO, what do you think? Are you a hard-to-please coffee drinker, smoothie lover, sushi eater or binge-watcher?

Love From,



Grandma’s Easter Egg Hunt

So today I went to my grandma’s house for a cute little Easter egg hunt that we have every year. I am aware that today was not Easter, but being Jewish my family don’t really care.
Most of my mums side of the family goes, including my cousins who I’m really close with.
The hunt itself lasted about five minutes but we all stayed for ages after that, chatting and scoffing as you do. I tried to eat as much as possible so as not to upset my grandma, but having just gone out for Japanese I was finding it hard to fit anything in my stomach at all. She did have these really cute fingernail size golden Easter eggs though.

My uncle recently bought her two new cats after both her old ones died (in the same week – not fun).  I have been shown pictures and we have all agreed that they are staggeringly ugly. They look like grumpy cat with fat rolls. They are Persians – so if any of you have seen Cats and Dogs, its the evil one, so we’re not off to a very good start.

Here is what Google Images has to say about Persian cats:



So I’m looking forward to one being a criminal mastermind and the other being psychopathic, but its nice that my grandma (who lives alone) has two little friends to occupy her time.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Love from,