ASOS is my Kryptonite

ASOS is one of my favourite online shops. It sells some good looking clothes at a very reasonable price (although I usually stick to the sales) and I just love buying from there.

I recently received a huge bundle (love the surprise of a package even though you know you ordered it) in which was a really cute slash neck grey top, among some other items.

Now, I admittedly went a bit overboard on this order. When shopping on, I automatically forget that I am not some sort of super human barbie who suits every single style. This was why what happened happened.

In the package were also present a pair of red hotpants and a tiny cropped top that practically showed my breasts. I had a fear of stairs when wearing it.

As soon as the hotpants arrived it became quite clear to me what a stupid idiot I was. You could see half my bum and the 80’s disco-lycra effect didn’t really help. I still love them, but I can’t wear them without being judged (stupid society with your labels), and I can’t even get away with it on a hot day because everyone can see the fabric is boiling and it has a high waist too, so it’s not like I’m any cooler.

The cropped top looked fantastic on the model online, but sadly I am not/do not look anything like the model online. It was possibly the worst suited top for me ever.

Now, ASOS has a really good return policy, so I could have just sent them right back. That’s probably what you are screaming at the screen right now, but you are forgetting one tiny little thing.

I’m much too lazy.

So now I just have them, sitting in my wardrobe, gathering dust. I think I shall give them away…any takers? XD

I don’t mean to say anything bad about ASOS in this post; I really love the store especially ASOS own brand and I own many happy clothes from there which I happily wear very often. I really want to become an ASOS insider but I’m not sure I publicise them enough.


Love from,


Hand Cream Reviews!

Do you have dry hands looking for some love?

Are you tired of having to reapply hand cream every five minutes?

Or do you just want to know which hand cream is best?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the post for you! I’m going to tell you the hand creams to sprint to the shops for, and the ones to run like hell from. Enjoy!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand and Nail Cream


I absolutely love this hand cream – not only does it leave my hands feeling soft and supple, my nails are also made 2x stronger! I have very weak nails when I don’t use this, so it is a lifesaver for me when it comes to nail care. I will definitely buy more when I run out!

It spreads easily, absorbs fairly quickly, and lasts around 4.5 hours (based on the last time I used it)

I completely recommend this if you have weak nails…it was a lifesaver for me!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Intensive Relief Hand Cream


Wow these creams all have really long names. I guess they want to show off their many talents.

This is a very thick cream (too thick for me) so it takes ages to absorb and requires a lot of rubbing. It also does nothing for your nails, which is sad (*SAD FACE*)

I like the smell, and there’s no perfume; it’s all natural. When I finally get it all rubbed in, my hands do feel nice and moisturised. Lasts for about 4.5 hours.

Soap and Glory Hand Food


I love the name ‘Hand Food’. It makes me feel like I am really nourishing my hands. The ingredients are also really enticing – macadamia oil, marshmallow (YUM!), shea butter – they all sound so cool! And of course, being from the widely trusted brand Soap&Glory, it has cute pink packaging with a subtle retro feel. If it hasn’t already grabbed your attention, it smells FANTASTIC, although the smell is very distinct!

So how does it fare as a hand cream? Well, it is light and liquidy (the opposite of Palmers), so it absorbs really easily. Makes my hands feel really soft, as one would expect.

Down sides – My poor nails don’t benefit!

I would recommend this hand cream, but I suggest smelling it first to see if you like it (you probably will).

Astral All Over Moisturiser


This isn’t technically a hand cream, but I use it as one. It isn’t as glamorous or pampering as the others, but it does the job.

It makes my hands greasy and is slow to absorb…I guess I only like it because it was the first one I ever used. Memories…


MY FAVOURITE: The Neutrogena hand cream because it makes my nails really strong and absorbs really easily.

BEST SMELL: A bit of a weird category, I know…In my opinion, the Soap&Glory hand cream smells best…so if you live in the Edwardian Era and an eligible bachelor will kiss your hand at a ball, this one is for you. Or you could just wear perfume. That’s fine too.

MOST ANNOYING: The Palmer’s products are so hyped up and I expected so much from this cream, and didn’t get very much at all. It made me sad.


I hope this helps you to pick out the best hand cream, and I would love you to comment your favourite hand creams!



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& Other Stories

Hello. Again.

So a while ago I was wandering down Regent Street and I spotted this chilled looking shop which I thought I should have a little look in.

This shop is a secretive gem. Hidden behind plain walls is this secretive, understated store that manages to place itself somewhere between humble and sassy. As niche as it seems to be, the products inside will suit all manner of styles and personalities.

The appearance of the shop looked like they had raided Ikea, and they were only planning on staying for a couple weeks. It was very minimalist, white, earthy, old school, homely, spunky, different, down to earth sort of shop. It seemed like the sort of shop that would recycle.

It sells mainly own-brand products along with brands such as Nike, Vans etc.
Lots of pretty nail polishes, delectable stink-making things, fabulous bags and shoes in a wide range of designs and styles.

It is proving very hard to describe this shop. It seemed packed but sparse, niche but largely-pleasing, modern but old-fashioned. I think I have decided that it is simply a unique and different way to display largely mainstream products. In this context, ‘mainstream’ refers to the idea that it will be loved by everyone, so I suggest you go and check it out. I really recommend having a look in a store though, because the website simply doesn’t do it justice.

If you aren’t a UK dweller, they have stores in many other countries including France, Germany and Belgium. If this is relevant to you,then bonjour, hallo and both of those to you.

This is the first time I have posted about a specific shop so please let me know if you like it and want me to do more like this one!

Love you (seriously)


In-Depth Sheer Blonde Review

Bonjour! I hope you’re having a very nice day. If not, I apologise on behalf of the Universe.

I have been trying John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Shampoo and Conditioner for you blondies out there. I was attracted to it as I really want highlights but I always think dyed ones look so fake, so I wanted all the help I could get (no thanks to you, British weather) Here’s some notes on what happened:

Just washed for first time, hair feels fantastic; soft and light, shiny, voluminous, moisturised.

End of day, slightly frizzy after day of rain and having my hood up, less voluminous than morning but still more than normal.

Second day (no other products added so far), still voluminous and super soft with no tangles! yaaaayy. Easy to manage, no need for hat, ponytail, dry shampoo, or even hairbrush as I left it in a plait overnight to avoid knots. Ends feel slightly dry but don’t look it. Overall hair is shiny and brightened, slightly heavier than yesterday. Also roots are ever-so-slightly greasy due to moisturising properties of shampoo. In all v.impressive and much nicer than my usual shamp/condi

Third day, slightly greasy (impressive for 3rd day as is usually very greasy), still soft and v.voluminous. Rather impressive!

I will definitely use this again; it makes my hair feel and look fantastic, it lasts, it may even help me achieve my long sought after highlights.

It has Sasha’s Seal of Approval – Go out and give it a go!

Which type of products do you want me to review next? I’ll try my best to base my reviews on whatever you request in the comments!

Love ya,


Personal Perfumes – Could They Surprise You?

Well, one certainly surprised me. I always thought that celebrity scents were just made for publicity and money making, I never once considered that they could actually smell nice. Here are three reviews of perfumes with a name…

Kylie Minogue – Darling


Kylie has released a range of perfumes including Sweet Darling, Sexy Darling and Dazzling Darling, all stemming from this very perfume – the original ‘Darling’. Despite looking like a bum, this perfume is one I often find myself reaching for. The sensual, smoky floral scent is not too strong or overpowering, in fact I always want to come back for more whenever I smell it. I have just sprayed it onto the box and am sitting here smelling that. Mmmm. Is lovely. I definitely recommend giving this a sniff to see if you like it too.

Taylor Swift – Wonderstruck


Taylor Swift has released Wonderstruck and also Wonderstruck Enchanted in her perfume escapades. According to the widely trusted internet, the Wonderstruck fragrance has notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry, although I think I may have a cold as I can’t detect any of these in my bottle (comment if you can). I absolutely love the bottle; I think it suits the name so well and it is such a lovely colour. The lid and the charms add an ornate edge and the curved apple shape is plump and gorgeous. Nothing special as a scent but pretty charming as a decoration.

Mary Greenwell – Plum


Mary Greenwell is a world renowned British make up artist and style and beauty icon. She has released two fragrances, Plum and Lemon, with Plum being her signature fragrance.

I recently reviewed this on my Latest in Beauty blog post (here) where I stated that it reminded me of my grandma. This was a slight mistake as I now realise that it is not my grandma whom it reminds be of but my Great Aunt Mavis. Due to a possible design flaw the golden bottle (designed to represent sophistication) looks aged and the yellow liquid seems old and faded, which really doesn’t help the ‘great aunt’ smell. This is a really big shame as it could have been so nice if it were just a little more fresh and springy.

Comment your favourite perfume!

Love from,



Review: Wet n Wild Walking On Eggshells

I bought this mini palette sort of thing after some youtuber recommended it. It was probably Zoella, but I watch so many that it’s impossible to tell who I got this from (comment if you know who recommended it). She, whoever she was, applied the eyelid shade and it was very beautiful, so I immediately began tearing the internet apart in order to find the cheapest way to purchase it.

It arrived a lot smaller than I expected (slightly disappointing but perfect handbag size, it turned out) and had three shades – browbone, crease, and eyelid – which were to be used on those places. The browbone shade was a nice highlighter for, heart attack, the browbone, but I wasn’t too impressed with the crease shade. The eyelid shade on the other hand is a radiant rose gold shimmer that looks super pretty in the box. It can be layered from sheer to opaque, and becomes beautifully dense and pigmented. The colour looks identical on the eyes and in the box.

The light and bright colour contrasts my lash line making it look more defined, which is an added bonus.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day it was all either completely gone or very thin. This was probably because I didn’t use an eye shadow primer (please don’t hurt me) so this isn’t for the more lazy amongst you.

I really want to know what YOU think, please comment below and put a smile on someone’s face (me)!



Review: Chanel Le Vernis – Worth the hefty price tag?

Hi! If you’re a newcomer, I’m Sasha and I write about beauty, fashion and life in an attempt to contribute to society. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

I only own one of these nail polishes so I will review that and maybe you could comment if you have had similar experiences with the others.

Now there is absolutely no denying that Chanel make beautiful colours of nail paint. I absolutely LOVE the colour Ballerina that they have in this collection.

My colour is 559 Frenzy. It is a nude beige colour (anyone else get the joke? Beige? Frenzy?) and very nice looking, which is why I am constantly trying to work with it.


After one coat, it is extremely streaky and translucent and I immediately want to cover it up with another coat. Unfortunately, it takes around three further coats to achieve any solid colour, which is pathetic as Models Own have just released a collection that only requires one coat to get completely opaque colour. By the time I have finished, my nails feel super thick and globby and it often gets ruined as soon as anything touches it, regardless of how long I leave it to dry.

I just don’t get on with this nail polish. It doesn’t work on my nails, it doesn’t suit my price range, and it takes way too much time to apply. If this nail polish was cheaper, I would say it was worth it for the colour but the price just completely puts me off.

Sorry Coco. You need to sort out your polishes.

Please let me know in the comments if it is worth trying any of the others. Maybe I just have the faulty colour?

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Love from,


Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover Review

Hey! I have eaten so much food today. I feel totally sick. But who cares! Back to the post…

This nail polish remover from Boots is a fantastic quick fix for busy bees. It does it’s job fast – really fast – with even sparkly nail polish coming off with a couple of firm strokes.
Packed full of acetone, I suggest you only use this remover when you’re really strapped for time as it can be very drying on your nails. Follow it up with a hand and nail cream (Neutrogena do a great one) or conditioning nail oil (mine’s from the body shop) to rehydrate your nails.

I always find that the removers which are better for your nails take much longer to work. Do you have any nail polish removers that give you the best of both worlds?

Click Here for a review of a nail polish you are going to want to use this on…

Love from,

Review: Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

Hiya Guys and Girls! Ok, I’m never saying that again.

This water-resistant, paraben-free formula from Eyeko contains conditioning pro-vitamin B to promote growth by preventing breakage for long-term lash care…but how does it look?

Just Applied

Works better with zig-zag brush strokes.

Top lashes – gives fair amount of volume with no clumps, but no curl. Makes lashes look longer. Feels light and comfortable. Very natural.

Bottom lashes – much too bold for me, not for use in daytime. I personally do not like overly defined bottom lashes, so I won’t use this again on my bottom lashes. Makes me look like a manga.

From a distance, eyes look framed, but don’t stand out.

After Seven Hours (+ Crying)

Slightly flaked, but no smudging. Nothing a slight wipe couldn’t fix.

At this point, it basically looks like I have very nice eyelashes with no mascara on them. The bottom eyelashes now look better, I think they were just too elongated before.

Overall Review

Nothing really stands out after applying this mascara, but it does feel comfortable.

Would I use this product again?

On a casual day maybe, just to give my lashes some long-term care.

Would I repurchase this product? 

Only if I could find a really good deal. Priced at £15 on, as conditioning as it is, I prefer mascaras that give a bit more volume. Maybe better for someone trying to achieve the natural look, or who feels like their lashes are a bit tired out from all that applying and removing and need a bit of a hug.

Go to this website to buy the item :

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What do you guys think of the new Alexa for Eyeko range?

Love ya,


Review: Clinique Lash Power Mascara

Summer is approaching! I was plunged into the pool of realisation when it was brought to my attention that my holiday to Turkey is in four weeks. I am tres excited (multilingual? I think not).

In the spirit of [insert something summery] I have made a totally fantabulous new find!

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

I use this daily and it is my favourite mascara to use on my bottom lashes, as the small, thin brush enables you to get right up to the lash line, so you have much more control. Personally, this is a very welcome change to the fatso brushes that make my bottom eyelashes super elongated and manga-ish. With this, I can just go along my lashline so the lashes look thick and plentiful at the roots (also no need for eyeliner, top or bottom) but not too long and spidery. I have always had this problem with normal mascaras on my bottom lashes,  which makes me super happy with this mascara as it just suits my eyes and my personality (cliché alert) so very well.

I also always get surprised by how thin the brush is and get a kick out of inserting it in and pulling it out of the tube (dont judge me) and I feel like it actually enhances my eye colour.

Overall, this makes a huge difference to my eyes. My lashes feel light and feathery, look defined, and I swear have actually multiplied.

Other out of this world features include:

Darkens to the blackest black EVER.

Curls. Lengthens. No clumps.

Thickens. Volumises.

Long wearing formula.

Easy to remove.

ATM (points for being ‘down with’ internet slang?) I’m using Maybelline the Falsies on my top lashes – despite its many virtues it doesn’t quite beat my beloved Falsie Walsie – and this on my bottom lashes for the reasons I described earlier.

If that isn’t enough for you it carries Sasha’s seal of approval and I would definitely repurchase and recommend!

What’s your favourite bottom lash mascara? Leave a comment and make a blogger smile!

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