My ASOS Wishlist! HELLO this is exciting

Here is a sample of things I desperately wish I had the money to buy…*wistful distance face*

As keen readers may already be aware, I really love and regularly buy clothes from there. I have really truly been trying to cut down on my internet spending so I haven’t bought anything in a while, meaning my saved items list has really piled up. This is a few (A FEW) of the things I am lusting over at!

All pics from

Click for enlarged photo

The bigger the pic is, the more I want them item!

I love them so much. I mean how cute is that sugary purple bag?? And I really love the ice blue shoes because they are big and boyish but the pastel shine adds femininity. Also platform for short girlies like moi! I am also in love with all things mini, so the mini rectangular bag and the mini circular bag are super attractive, and so darn cute!

I’m literally salivating. Even my saliva glands want these haha

I have to stop this right now or I will plunge myself into deep depression over not being able to afford all these things. WHY BANK ACCOUNT WHY