Scented Candle Wishlist

Bonjour everyone! I love a good scented candle, in fact who doesn’t love a good scented candle?! I think they’re a fab invention (respect goes out to that inventor, we all owe them a lot) and I’ve been doing a bit of the ol’ wishing lately! Here comes the wishy list…

scented candles

YANKEE: 2. Salted Caramel // 3. Vanilla Lime // 5. White Gardenia // 8. Christmas Cookie // 9. Sicilian Lemon

BATH AND BODY WORKS: 1. Snap Peas // 6. Vanilla Coconut // 10. Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn // 11. Vanilla Chai // 12. Pumpkin Caramel Latte

NEOM: 7. Tranquility


Love from,


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The Day-Brightener #1

Bonjourno :) I have decided to create this post as an effort to brighten days, lift heavy spirits and turn frowns upside down!

This week it’s something that always, ALWAYS works for me…no matter how down in the dumpies I’m feeling.

ENTER…the kittens!

Cute kittens

I love cats and kittens so much, there’s never been a period of my life I didn’t have one to cuddle or care for. I have always been a cat person (soz dogs), ever since cute little newborn me was brought home from hospital to immediately become a subject of immense curiosity to my parents’ two black kittens.

The kittens pictured here are this week’s medicine for an injured smile. They bring warmth to your heart and love to your eyes…also fluffy. Lots of fluffy.

I really hope you like this post and if it’s received well amongst you then I’ll do more posts like this (I hope so!)

Spread the post around to donate a smile or even a fully fledged good mood (It’s good for your karma)

Thank you so much for reading and I love you all to bits <3


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Grab That Trend! #1 – Shearling

Hi everyone! I’m starting a fun and exciting new series to get your pulses racing. This series will consist of different posts, each focusing one one trend and how and where to buy it, no matter what your price range. I really hope you guys enjoy it, it’s taken a lot of work!

This week its SHEARLING. Be prepared to go inside-out with these fluffy miracles that have just as much style as endless fluffy comfort! On coats, totes, shoes and satchels, were seeing fuzz left right and centre this winter. NOTE: Also suitable if you just need a cuddle.


Burberry Shearling And Wool Melton Coat // Isabel Marant Concealed Wedge Boots // Glamorous Shearling Women’s Biker Jacket // Tory Burch Shearling Small Drawstring Bag // Amelie Pichard Coco Shearling Panel Lace-Ups // Brave Soul Faux Fur Trim Jacket // M&S Shearling Gloves // Hunter Earlham Shearling-Trimmed Boots

These are my favourite picks for how to wear (and rock) Shearling this winter. I absolutely adore those Amelie Pichard shoes and the Tory Burch bag – although my price range is more tailored to the equally gorgeous Brave Soul jacket!

Please leave a comment before you go telling me your thoughts on this series, trend, or any of the items <3

Love you all so much,


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Sasha Hope’s Guide to Friendship Problems

Friendship problems

We’ve all been there. Friendship problems are normal and healthy bumps in the road but they’re also absolutely awful. I’ve felt that sinking, sick feeling too many times to not want to show everyone that it isn’t the end of the world. There are loads of simple and effective ways to deal with friendship problems, from making up or making new, and get rid of that end-of-everything-apocalypse feeling. Being able to easily navigate these bumps in the road is what can make a friendship special and it’s an incredibly useful skill to have. I really hope this will help some people out there to start feeling more friend-confident and less like they want to crawl into that little black hole.

I have included quotations from other websites (links below) but for every point I have added a detailed personal story or touch so this can be a unique and insightful guide.

This is especially relevant to teens and young adults.

1. What do you do when a friend stops talking to you?

‘This is a tricky subject, because there are lots of variables. First of all, look to yourself for any changes or issues you may be causing. If you are the stressor on the relationship, you need to make appropriate changes before your friendship can be mended. This is very hard for most people. It is hard to hold yourself accountable for any wrong doings, but is essential for conflict resolution. If you have done absolutely nothing wrong, and you are sure of it, it is time to look to the other party. Again, by using the proper verbiage, approach the situation with caution. “I feel confused about our friendship, and why you have stopped talking to me,” is a good way to start the conversation.’

This is a wonderful piece of advice, which is why I have chosen to include it here. However it is crucial not to confuse this with changing yourself to suit the other person. It is really really important to stay true to who you are regardless of your friends and what they think. If they can’t handle you just the way you are then they don’t deserve to. Above all else, don’t sacrifice your beliefs and values to fit in with someone else’s needs or ideals of what a friend should be like. You know what’s right and you have to live in a way that reflects that. Alternatively, if you’ve changed since you’ve become friends and you don’t suit eachothers needs anymore then you need to evaluate how valuable they are as a friend. If you really just are drifting apart and there’s nothing you can do, maybe think about letting it go and each of you can freely take your own path without feeling like you’re disappointing eachother (or even yourselves for ruining the friendship). This is especially relevant for if it’s due to a change where you don’t connect or have fun like you used to and you’re only holding on to the dregs of the friendship for old times sake.

2. What do you do when you feel excluded from the group?

Feeling unwanted and feeling disconnected from the other friends is difficult to put up with. In this case, it’s always best to speak up. Most of the time, people won’t know what’s in your mind and they may not even know they’re ignoring you. In my case, any problems a girl had regarding the group would go completely unnoticed until she spoke out, at which point we all made a huge effort to resolve her problem. You might think they’re doing it on purpose, but most of the time they’re not! If they are nice, kind people who value you as a friend (which they should, otherwise go find another friendship group) they wouldn’t purposefully cause you upset and will likely try their hardest to make you feel better. Speak up and let it out, because it’ll do a whole lot of bad if you keep it inside.

On the other hand, if you feel like there is a noticeable difference between you and your group or the exclusion is prolonged then it may be best to exit the group and find yourself some better suited or even kinder friends. I have spent too long trying to fit into groups or fight to stay in them, and I didn’t realise that outside might be some truly amazing people I had never given a second glance to. Once I realised that, I left my group and found a best friend who not only is like my other half but who makes me a million times as happy as the other groups ever did. You never know what you might find if you find the courage to go another way.

3. What do you do when you feel drained from putting in all the effort into your friendship?

‘This is a common problem amongst friends, and can easily result in the dissolution of your friendship. The key here is communication. By expressing your feelings to your friend, he or she is put in the position of action. They will either realize their wrong doing and make an attempt to fix the problem, or they are not in fact a real friend. When approaching this situation, it is important to use the proper wording. Approach the conversation with, “I feel like” instead of  “You are…” This will be better received; as opposed to your friend feeling attacked right off the bat.’

This is fantastic advice. Again, if the problem persists, you need to evaluate whether this friendship is worth the constant effort from you, and make a decision based on that. If your friend does not make a consistent attempt to fix the problem, they either do not value you as much as they should OR they are completely taking you for granted. If they are taking you for granted then they may not take your feelings seriously, and simply fall right back on the knowledge that you’ll always be there whenever they want you to be with only minimal effort from themselves. This friend is prepared to fight for you, they just don’t think there is any fight at all. If they are shocked into the realisation that they might lose you, they will surely make much more effort to keep you as their friend.

I really hope you found this post helpful, and if you did, spread it around so it can help out someone else. You never know who might need it.

Thank you so much for reading <3



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Superdrug Haul!

Well who doesn’t love a good ol’ haul! I went a bit splurgeous a couple days ago (very naughty) and Superdrug-ed my way to a £35 bill*. Yay!

Here are my purchases:


The first one from the left is the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure nail treatment ‘for severe problem nails’ (sounds a bit harsh) claiming to give you 40% stronger nails in three days and stop nails from peeling. My nails peel horribly all the time and are weak and bendy so this product and I get on like a house on fire. I have used this before and it really worked which is why I repurchased it, but it did go gloopy and unusable so I had to throw around half the product away. Despite this I was really impressed with the product and there was a truly noticeable difference in the strength of my nails.

The big bright yellow monstrosity in the middle there is the classic Carmex, a wonder product that is a staple in so many people’s handbags. It’s motto of soothing, relieving and moisturising is one that is true to the product and it is probably my favourite lip balm. This is not only due to its superior moisturising qualities and abundance of cool ingredients (Hello to you, menthol), but also its signature tingly, cold, fresh feeling that calms my often chemical-overloaded and inflamed lips. Fantastic product that can never be replaced. Also love the pop-art packaging and colour scheme.

Down there in the bottom right hand corner is the Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting transparent pressed powder. I needed a powder and I’ve heard the ravings so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and go apurchasing. I can’t wait to try it out.

bourjois foundation swatch

On the top: unblended On the bottom: blended (love that movie)


I was on the hunt for a new foundation when I came across this. I remember watching a YouTube video recommending this for a lighter coverage, and there was an offer on Bourjois so I happily donned it in my shopping basket. My colour is 52 Vanilla which was the second lightest they had in Superdrug. It’s a gel foundation claiming to last 16hrs and boost radiance for instant anti-fatigue. This is all due to the ‘Vitamin-rich fruit therapy’ in the mix, an exciting prospect that sounds as delectable as it’s sure to look. I really like the sound and the look of this, its a nice texture and blends well as you can see on my swatch. Loving the long, smooth bottle and red bursts of colour helping to reflect the ‘radiance’ that the product is designed to give, and the little image of fruit. Excellent packaging design I think.

Borjois blush Borjois blush brush borjois blush swatch

This beautiful Bourjois blush is quite a sheer colour that is very blendable and easy to layer. My above swatch was around three layers in fact! I really like the colour on the swatch it looks like it will really give my cheeks a pretty pink pop. I love the softly magnetic lid that ensures it stays tight shut around the little moulded brush which sits neatly atop the curved shape of the blush.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I said goodbye to more of my money and I’ll see you all next time <3

Love from,


* The products included in this post did not in themselves add up to £35, that was inclusive of some more personal products.

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Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink …(and rant!)

Hello everyone! As a couple of you may know, I received a Love Me Beauty box a couple months ago, which I was very impressed with and loved the products. However, this was because I had looked at the available boxes and their contents and thought, ‘Wow, those are things I really want!’, so I bought the box, loved the products and was happy. I am not one to commit to beauty boxes, as I know that it could be a huge waste of money and products if they don’t suit my needs, so I selected the one-off month package.

About a month later, I checked back on the Love Me Beauty website, ready and happy to spend another £10 if the contents of the August box were as suited to me as the last one. I was sad to find that there was almost nothing I wanted in any of the boxes, but I graciously accepted that sometimes the boxes will cater to other peoples needs and not my own. I closed the tab and went back to procrastinating on YouTube.

HORROR. I get an email from Love Me Beauty telling me that I have yet to choose my box option for August, and that if I don’t do it soon they will choose for me. I tried frantically to see what had gone wrong and reverse it, but alas, the money was already out of my account. It turned out that in selecting the one month box option, it would continue to purchase new boxes, EVERY month, until I told it to stop. I was not happy about this.

I knew this would happen – I knew I wouldn’t like the boxes every time – and I planned for it. ONE MONTH BOX I SELECTED! ONE MONTH!

So now I have brow ink even though I never use brow products, a massive bottle of beauty wonder oil despite already having a collection of oils I am very happy with (read here for my favourite one), a lip liner I’m never going to use because I don’t use lip liner and a perfectly good eye shadow that is exactly the same colour as two of my other ones.


Luckily, one of the products turned out to be more interesting than it seemed.

Even though I have no interest in brow products, on reading up about the Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink I discovered that it can also be used as an eyeliner (YAY!) and for ‘semi-permenant’ body art! This got me far more excited; I have never had an eyeliner in this colour before and I can’t wait to try it out. It’s in the colour ‘blonde’ so I’m hoping for a really stylish, natural eyeliner colour. Eep!

The ‘semi-permenant’ body art was what I wanted to focus on in this post. I gave it a try on my hand and was really happy with the results! The felt-tip nib is really fine and precise so I managed tiny and intricate designs, although I don’t know about semi-permanent. It only survived one hand wash.

By the way, that faded oval on my middle finger was a failed something or other which I tried to simple-wipe off.

cosmetics a la carte brow ink


Like what I’ve done? Me too. But for me, it’s not worth £23, so I’m not going to repurchase.

But hey! If you’re looking to splurge you can have a lookie here:

Have you tried Love Me Beauty or Cosmetics A La Carte?

Thank you so much for reading, I love you all so much <3


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Current Favourites – Beauty, Skincare and Body

It became apparent to me that I have been loving a lot of products recently. And what could be better than to share them with all of you! Hopefully this will enrich your life with fabulous – and I mean fabulous – products that will rock your beauty world. Prepare yourself.

favourites beauty favourites

1. Dove Go Fresh Antiperspirant – This is by far the best anti-perspirant I have ever used. I have the pomegranate and lemon verbena scent which is incredible and smells amazing, the other scents work just as well but one this is my favourite as it smells the best. Will repurchase and repurchase. Read more about this and other anti-perspirants I love (and the best one to suit you!) here.

2. Sanctuary Spa Body Moisture Spray – Amazing product for quick and easy moisturisation and divine sheen on the legs for a freshly-done look. Perfect for brightening up your day – I always feel more confident and, well, awesome when I have super-shiny legs! Not too expensive for Sanctuary either; this travel mini is lasting me forever and it was only £2.50 at Boots (click link on name to shop). Looks godly but the moisture is very light so doesn’t last for such a long time; I suggest using it on mornings when legs will be on show, but don’t use as a night-time moisturiser as you will be disappointed. Definite holy grail product.

2. Body Shop Vitamin C Micro Refiner – This super-fine scrub is excellent for removing pesky blackheads and clearing pores as it really gets right down in there. The hard-working nature of the scrub is not to be abused however – use no more than twice a week and definitely not on sensitive skin, or skin that isn’t very porous. I generally only use it on the blackheads on my nose as it would dry out my cheeks too much. Possibly the best scrub I’ve ever tried (but I’m not very experienced in the matter).

3. Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm – Ok, first, this is not a lip balm. I don’t know why they chose to call it a lip balm and trick people into thinking they were going to have a new lip balm but it is most definitely a lip gloss. Although I was slightly disappointed at the distinct absence of balm, I soon noticed that in my hands was one of the most beautiful lip glosses I had ever seen. Ultra shiny with a hint of smooth sparkle, this light berry shade looks good enough to smother all over your lips. I wouldn’t say it’s hydrating, but when I used it on it’s own, it didn’t dry my lips out out half as much as a normal lip gloss would have done, which for me is a really desirable quality. I have been using it every night/day out since it arrived as a sample with my Super Spot Remover purchase (along with two other deluxe sixed samples – if you haven’t already GO AND GRAB THAT OFFER on Not sure if is worth £16 though. Probably won’t repurchase unless is through the same offer.

4. Lashem Lash Enhancing Serum – This was received as a teeny sample in a LoveMeBeauty box, and having never tried a lash enhancing serum before I was very excited to try it out. I struggled a bit with the routine of it for a while (apply every morning and evening) and I did get some liquid in my eyes sometimes (my own carelessness – the brush is actually really precise) but I got the hang of it after a while. I’ve been using it for about a week and I can already see a difference in my eyelashes. Longer, softer and more are some words that describe the change. Punchline: This definitely works. I now have less need for eyeliner, as my lash line has become much stronger due to my fresh abundance of eyelashes, and of course less need for mascara due to a) the abundance and therefore intensity and b) the impressive length. And they’re silky-smooth!

DHC deep cleansing oil

5. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil – Best cleanser. Best cleanser ever. Blackheads go poof. Spots go poof. Also apparently ageing goes poof. This will also leave your face non-oilywhich I think is because of the ‘unique water-soluble formula’ that rinses every last drop of this off your face so no oil is left (but it is gentle and doesn’t strip the face).

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil make-up remover completely dissolves all traces of dirt and cosmetics – even waterproof mascara and eyeliner – while nourishing your complexion with antioxidant-rich olive oil. Using dry hands, massage it onto your dry face, and it immediately goes to work. Add water and it transforms to a milky, vitamin-rich emulsion that rinses clean, leaving your skin feeling soft and nurtured; never dry or greasy. One try and you’ll understand why it’s the ultimate cleanser.

  • In a clinical study, 92% of participants agreed Deep Cleansing Oil worked better than a leading cleanser at removing complexion make-up
  • Unique water-soluble formula rinses thoroughly
  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Nourishes and hydrates for younger-looking skin
  • 1 sold every 10 seconds worldwide

I don’t know how this amazing oil works but my skin is hydrated, non-oily, blackhead-free and spot-free after just a week of use. In fact, this gentle oil clears out intense blackheads after just one wash. I remember drawing a cat nose on my actual nose with a kohl eyeliner one night, and waking up with blacker-than-black-heads that I thought would be on my face for weeks to come. But one swipe of this gorgeously smooth wonder-oil and my nose is blackhead free. Seriously. Completely wiped out they were – not even the faint ones left. I was astounded and proceeded to tell anyone who would listen. I have never seen that kind of result from another cleansing product.

In essence, this leaves me with a perfect face. What makes it a billion times better is that the 30ml bottle I have is only £4.50 and is lasting me forever (as you can see from the picture above), so I can definitely afford to repurchase! Yay!

ULTIMATE holy grail product.

So there was my first favourites post! Hope you enjoyed it and please please comment below (make sure to leave your blog link if you have one – I love finding new blogs to read!)



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Hotel Chocolat Decadent Wishlist + Brand Focus

This wishlist is ‘decadent’ because I know I will never be able to afford any of these things without letting go of one of my internal organs.

These are the chocolate they serve in heaven, guys. My heaven anyway.

Hotel Chocolat chocolate is definitely my favourite, and I’ve tasted some of the best out there. They’re not too sickly that you feel you have to stop after one (in fact I often feel the very opposite) and you can taste the quality of the ingredients in every bite. I particularly love the mix of textures they try to incorporate into every chocolate design, and they’re always packed with flavour. They have one of the widest varieties of products I have ever seen from a chocolate shop. The range covers drinking chocolate, chocolate spread, pasta and pesto, horseradish, chutney, wine & spirits, and even beauty products in addition to some of the most original and diverse chocolates ever. But they haven’t forgotten the classics – their simple milk chocolate is the best I’ve ever tasted.

I seriously love this store.

Hotel Chocolat Decadent Wishlist

hotel chocolat

1. Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure

£35 for some melted chocolate and biscuits? You would have to be seriously opulent to pay that kind of money for something you could make at home. Doesn’t stop me from wanting it though, and I’m definitely NOT saying it’s not worth it – I’ve never tried it before so I have no means of knowing – if it lives up to the quality of most of the stuff I have tried, then it’s a whole lot more than just some marshmallows and chocolate dip.

Not only do I foresee fabulous quality and taste, I am also a huge fan of chocolate dipping pots so this is a personal want for me. The last chocolate dipping pot I had was at Choccywoccydoodah and it was fantastic. Felt totally sick afterwards but whatever.

2. A 12 Month Subscription Package to the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

‘Welcome to the Chocolate Tasting Club – the secret of Hotel Chocolat’s talent for innovative and exceptional chocolates. Every four weeks our Tasting Club members receive a new selection of chocolates, brimming with a mix of superb favourites and brand new recipes created by the ingenious chocolatiers in our development kitchen. Our members choose which of the new chocolates they love the most, and let us know through a special scoring system. The most highly voted go on to become chocolate superstars, appearing in our stores as special Selector chocolates and in our boxed selections. We call it Hotel Chocolat’s “Chocolate Democracy” – and you can be a part of it. We even make recipes dreamed up by our members, in our special ‘Create A Chocolate’ competition! Choose your selection – Mixed, All Dark, All Milk, No alcohol or Rare Cocoa – and treat yourself to exciting and original chocolate recipes created by Hotel Chocolat’s chocolatiers.’

What can I say? This sounds fabulous. I’ve tried the tasting club boxes before and enjoyed them immensely. You get two of each chocolate and the recipes may be new but are certainly very impressive, and the menus give great detail which I love as I always like to know what I’m eating. Rating them can be fun but mainly I can’t be bothered, although it is a nice idea. I love the surprise when the box arrives at your door, the anticipation when opening it, and then seeing the chocolates for the first time…

ME? A chocoholic? Don’t be ridiculous. Where on earth did you get such an idea anyway.

The only thing I don’t like about this box is that most of the time I’m never going to be able to taste the chocolates again, because they don’t actually go into production. Only some of the highest rated chocolates make it into the Hotel Chocolat stores.

3. Large Chocolatier’s Table

OK…So it’s huge. And costs £105. And contains every type of chocolate they sell. Which is why I want it so bad. 

It would be perfect! If I had a box with every single chocolate they make in it then I could try each one and make a note of how much I like it so I know exactly what to buy next time. No more of this ‘should I go for the one I know I like or try something new’ business, I will have power! The power of knowledge! And since knowledge is power, I will have the power of power! POWER!

And no more wasting money on chocolates I don’t like! I won’t need to take the risk because I’ll already know if I like them!

Oh, and obviously I get to eat all that chocolate. That’s a bonus too.

For that box, I would put on nine inch heels and play football with everyone who had previously respected me. WITHOUT A BRA. Just imagine.

I hope you enjoyed this rather detailed wishlist and brand focus and it maybe opened your eyes to a new world of chocolatey possibility.

Leave a comment telling us what you think of my choices, or what your favourite chocolate store is. And be sure to leave your blog link if you have one!

Thank you so much for reading,