Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink …(and rant!)

Hello everyone! As a couple of you may know, I received a Love Me Beauty box a couple months ago, which I was very impressed with and loved the products. However, this was because I had looked at the available boxes and their contents and thought, ‘Wow, those are things I really want!’, so I bought the box, loved the products and was happy. I am not one to commit to beauty boxes, as I know that it could be a huge waste of money and products if they don’t suit my needs, so I selected the one-off month package.

About a month later, I checked back on the Love Me Beauty website, ready and happy to spend another £10 if the contents of the August box were as suited to me as the last one. I was sad to find that there was almost nothing I wanted in any of the boxes, but I graciously accepted that sometimes the boxes will cater to other peoples needs and not my own. I closed the tab and went back to procrastinating on YouTube.

HORROR. I get an email from Love Me Beauty telling me that I have yet to choose my box option for August, and that if I don’t do it soon they will choose for me. I tried frantically to see what had gone wrong and reverse it, but alas, the money was already out of my account. It turned out that in selecting the one month box option, it would continue to purchase new boxes, EVERY month, until I told it to stop. I was not happy about this.

I knew this would happen – I knew I wouldn’t like the boxes every time – and I planned for it. ONE MONTH BOX I SELECTED! ONE MONTH!

So now I have brow ink even though I never use brow products, a massive bottle of beauty wonder oil despite already having a collection of oils I am very happy with (read here for my favourite one), a lip liner I’m never going to use because I don’t use lip liner and a perfectly good eye shadow that is exactly the same colour as two of my other ones.


Luckily, one of the products turned out to be more interesting than it seemed.

Even though I have no interest in brow products, on reading up about the Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink I discovered that it can also be used as an eyeliner (YAY!) and for ‘semi-permenant’ body art! This got me far more excited; I have never had an eyeliner in this colour before and I can’t wait to try it out. It’s in the colour ‘blonde’ so I’m hoping for a really stylish, natural eyeliner colour. Eep!

The ‘semi-permenant’ body art was what I wanted to focus on in this post. I gave it a try on my hand and was really happy with the results! The felt-tip nib is really fine and precise so I managed tiny and intricate designs, although I don’t know about semi-permanent. It only survived one hand wash.

By the way, that faded oval on my middle finger was a failed something or other which I tried to simple-wipe off.

cosmetics a la carte brow ink


Like what I’ve done? Me too. But for me, it’s not worth £23, so I’m not going to repurchase.

But hey! If you’re looking to splurge you can have a lookie here:

Have you tried Love Me Beauty or Cosmetics A La Carte?

Thank you so much for reading, I love you all so much <3


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