Give your hair a thickness boost!

As you may be aware from Blake Lively‘s ads, L’oreal have introduced a ‘revolutionary’ thickening haircare product. This line, entitled Elvive Fibrology, includes a masque, a double serum, a shampoo, a conditioner and a booster, all designed to thicken and revive hair in the best possible way. Described as ‘a breakthrough in the science of hair‘, the shampoo and conditioner together claim to thicken the hair fibres wash after wash with a build-up effect. The magic all lies in the rather ambiguous Filloxane, a patented technology which, according to L’oreal, has been proved to penetrate deep into the hair fibres and expand and thicken each hair strand, whilst then remaining in the hair fibre for a long lasting effect.


Elvive Fibrology Range

I, possessing unforgivably thin hair, was enticed and intrigued by this product and couldn’t wait to try it out. However, I had been warned by my hairdresser not to use thickening products as they strip hair of natural oils rendering it dry and undernourished. This didn’t sound like such a bad thing to me, as my scalp often gets greasy so my natural oils and I aren’t really best buddies. I did give this a go, and here were my results:

Well, I can successfully say it made my hair thicker! I had volume galore and was overall very satisfied with the condition of my hair. It isn’t perfect though, my hair wasn’t too shiny or silky, but I guess this happens with all thickening products unless you are willing to pay a very high amount of money. I also found that it made my hair a little frizzy after continuous use. Overall, this is the best thickening product I have ever tried, and DEFINITELY the most affordable!

Also lovely shower smell whilst using – always a bonus.

I would ‘totes’ repurchase and recommend!

Buy the range at Superdrug HERE (apart from the serum which you can find on Amazon HERE)

Have you tried these products? What’s your favourite haircare brand?



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