Personal Perfumes – Could They Surprise You?

Well, one certainly surprised me. I always thought that celebrity scents were just made for publicity and money making, I never once considered that they could actually smell nice. Here are three reviews of perfumes with a name…

Kylie Minogue – Darling


Kylie has released a range of perfumes including Sweet Darling, Sexy Darling and Dazzling Darling, all stemming from this very perfume – the original ‘Darling’. Despite looking like a bum, this perfume is one I often find myself reaching for. The sensual, smoky floral scent is not too strong or overpowering, in fact I always want to come back for more whenever I smell it. I have just sprayed it onto the box and am sitting here smelling that. Mmmm. Is lovely. I definitely recommend giving this a sniff to see if you like it too.

Taylor Swift – Wonderstruck


Taylor Swift has released Wonderstruck and also Wonderstruck Enchanted in her perfume escapades. According to the widely trusted internet, the Wonderstruck fragrance has notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry, although I think I may have a cold as I can’t detect any of these in my bottle (comment if you can). I absolutely love the bottle; I think it suits the name so well and it is such a lovely colour. The lid and the charms add an ornate edge and the curved apple shape is plump and gorgeous. Nothing special as a scent but pretty charming as a decoration.

Mary Greenwell – Plum


Mary Greenwell is a world renowned British make up artist and style and beauty icon. She has released two fragrances, Plum and Lemon, with Plum being her signature fragrance.

I recently reviewed this on my Latest in Beauty blog post (here) where I stated that it reminded me of my grandma. This was a slight mistake as I now realise that it is not my grandma whom it reminds be of but my Great Aunt Mavis. Due to a possible design flaw the golden bottle (designed to represent sophistication) looks aged and the yellow liquid seems old and faded, which really doesn’t help the ‘great aunt’ smell. This is a really big shame as it could have been so nice if it were just a little more fresh and springy.

Comment your favourite perfume!

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