Review: Wet n Wild Walking On Eggshells

I bought this mini palette sort of thing after some youtuber recommended it. It was probably Zoella, but I watch so many that it’s impossible to tell who I got this from (comment if you know who recommended it). She, whoever she was, applied the eyelid shade and it was very beautiful, so I immediately began tearing the internet apart in order to find the cheapest way to purchase it.

It arrived a lot smaller than I expected (slightly disappointing but perfect handbag size, it turned out) and had three shades – browbone, crease, and eyelid – which were to be used on those places. The browbone shade was a nice highlighter for, heart attack, the browbone, but I wasn’t too impressed with the crease shade. The eyelid shade on the other hand is a radiant rose gold shimmer that looks super pretty in the box. It can be layered from sheer to opaque, and becomes beautifully dense and pigmented. The colour looks identical on the eyes and in the box.

The light and bright colour contrasts my lash line making it look more defined, which is an added bonus.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day it was all either completely gone or very thin. This was probably because I didn’t use an eye shadow primer (please don’t hurt me) so this isn’t for the more lazy amongst you.

I really want to know what YOU think, please comment below and put a smile on someone’s face (me)!