What To Beauty Buy With £20

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I’ve recommended hundreds of products in my time, and reading other blogs I always wonder which products it is really worth buying as I only have a limited budget – and every post seems so be recommending something! So I have compiled a list of my most concise and heartfelt recommendations which, if I was approached with the question, ‘I have £20. What should I buy?’, I would answer as follows.

L’oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim


This has got to be my favourite liquid liner. I use it every day to create such a wide range of different looks and styles. From ultra thin lines (to define the lash line) to a sultry, dramatic blockbuster line this simple eyeliner has it covered. Usually with this I do a small cat flick with a fairly thick line, and then I always have to join it up to my bottom lash line because it really annoys me if my lower eye and my upper eye are distinctly separated, it just looks so fake to me. I then dab a bit of the liner onto my bottom lash line to define it a bit, or I do a full blown sweep if I’m feeling generous. I have told myself I’m going to start experimenting and perfecting thinner lines on my top lash line for a more natural look however, because I think my current day look is a bit too nighty, do you know what I mean?
What I really love about this liner is its versatility because I feel like I can really use it to experiment with lots of different looks, you can even smudge it if you get in there before it dries. Once it has dried it really doesn’t budge, but it just lifts of with one sweep of remover, ‘totes’ convenient! I also love the design and the sleekness of the bottle as well as the grip which makes it so easy to handle and gives you really good control. Buy this here for the cheapest option or pop into Superdrug or Boots.

Max Factor Glossfinity


Regardless of colour, this is one of the best nail polish formulas I have ever come across, the other being Model’s Own Hyper Gel. I love them both because they only take one coat as they are super-pigmented. This is always a huge relief for me as I hate doing my nails for how much time it takes, so if I only need one coat I will end up using that nail polish much more often than one that takes forever, even if it is a nicer colour. I also always seem to manage to put coats on that are much too thick, so when I have to do lots of coats it usually ends up in a big mush and gets damaged whenever I try to eat a piece of toast, etc. This is greatly worsened when I have to use a base and top coat too, and I personally don’t think this needs a top coat and it lasts 3-4 days on me without a base coat. I also adore the colour, it’s one of the prettiest I own. The colour is 119 Forever Glam and it’s a rich, glamorous deep pink which I think adds a pop of colour to any outfit. The colour in the bottle has tiny tiny sparkles in it but these don’t come out on the nails. This is probably my most used nail polish out of about thirty. I do recommend buying this colour though because I swatched the Snow White shade as well and it wasn’t half as pigmented, definitely needed 2+ coats.

Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner

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A while ago I was on the hunt for a brown eyeliner, as I wanted to tone down a little from the harsh black lines of my previous look. I really wanted the Mac pencil in Coffee but it was much too expensive so instead I opted for this eyeliner stick from AVON in the colour Cosmic Brown. The colour is beautiful and very matte (despite being called ‘GLIMMERstick’), it’s quite a dark brown so it still enhances my eyes without being too harsh. It’s much more rich than a black liner and also much more natural, pair it with bold lips or cheeks to avoid looking OTT or with neutral, fresh looking skin for a refreshing and natural spring look (yes I know it’s summer, shush). I just think a brown liner is great when you are feeling as if your black line is a bit too harsh or obvious, it’s a great alternative and very flattering.

It is so easy to apply, very creamy and never need sharpening. It can be smudged and blended but it is waterproof and usually lasts me the whole day. Very impressive for £6, eh? Buy this item here.

So as you can see, I’m a very eyelinery person, they just really suit me much better than shadows as I have a rubbish crease (any tips/products for dealing with this?) and I’m very used to working with them.

There we have it! My ultimate recommendations for the products I use most often and all under £20. Happy shopping!

Comment your three most used products!



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