…Yup. I did another one.

Haul Haul

As many of you know, I already have an overflowing collection of nail polishes and lip balms and have attempted and failed to ban myself from purchasing more. But…mojito flavour lip balm though. How could anybody resist mojito flavour?? And it has cool sciency words on the packet. Honestly, I had no choice.

Lord & Berry eyeliner

This exciting purchase from Lord & Berry (never heard of them but sounds prestigious) is an eyeliner in the colour #720 ‘Sand’, and it was recommended for use on the waterline to make eye appear bigger and more awake. Helps that its smudgeproof and waterproof then doesn’t it. It really is a scrumptious colour but I’m not sure about the shimmer and how well that’ll work with the recommendation… We’ll see won’t we!

anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer


I so don’t need a revitalising eye mask. Never have.

But the name!! The Buffy reference! I had to buy it I just had to.

It shall sit on my shelf, and provide a source of amusement for me and anyone else who has lived the Buffy life.

Oriflame mascara

I already had five mascaras that I’m really happy with. Now I have this one too. God I love spending

WELL that was fun. This post was admittedly a bit of a ramble but ‘whatevs’, as they say.

See you soon,


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Grab That Trend! #2 – Snakeskin

Hello you! In the second instalment of utmost trendiness I bring to you snakeskin, a trend that we see constantly walking down the catwalks that seems to be in-and-out of season (which makes this a great value buy – it won’t just serve you this season, oh no, you can be sure of it’s imminent return).

Snakeskin evokes a sense of power and control; subtly guiding us back to the times when men on horses went shooting, and majestically wore the hide of whatever fuzzy thing they killed. Pairing snakeskin boots with a tweed jacket like this one from Joules will propel you right back into the golden age of pitiless sophistication.

But snakeskin doesn’t have to make you look like a posh totty. Give wardrobe basics a fresh new vibe, or add a bite to standard blocked colours with even just a slither of python print. Step out of the shadows and grab everybody’s attention, with the instant confidence and self-assurance that comes with wearing snakeskin. Trust me, it’s more alluring than even the shortest of skirts.

But snakeskin can also be understated. Wear a soft, translucent, silky snakeskin shirt to make the softness of silk and hardness of snakeskin work together. Also, who can deny that silk is irresistable.

Snakeskin is a wonderful advocate as it is so diverse – I’ve shown you power, allure, sophistication, understatement and more – and it’s simply effortless. You can wear snakeskin boots with anything, and each and every choice will show a different side of your personality (or someone else’s, depending on what you’re doing that day). Go, I say, and embrace the twisting reptile!



1. Christopher Kane Snake-print cotton-fleece track pants // 2. Lanvin Elaphe and cobra tote // 3. Altuzarra for Target Python-print stretch-cotton twill pencil skirt // 4. Kotur James frilled elaphe clutch // 5. Thakoon Addiction Snake-effect and leather platform sandals // 6. Topshop Textured snakeskin culottes // 7. Christopher Kane Snake-print canvas and silk-satin dress // 8. Chloe Camille medium python and leather shoulder bag // 9. Heidi Klein Zambia reverse printed triangle bikini // 10. Pierre Hardy Dégradé elaphe and printed leather ankle boots // 11. Simone Rocha Snake-effect leather mini dress // 12. Marc by Marc Jacobs Snake heart printed Samsung Galaxy S4 cover // 13. Topshop Snakeskin printed skinny trousers by Rare

Love from,


P.S., How did you like this Grab That Trend as oppose to the last one? Please let me know in the comments as it would really help me out.

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