‘Beauty Shopping’

i.e. Spending way too much money on things you know, deep down inside, that you don’t really need / already have five of.

In an effort to prevent myself from falling into the never-ending pit of darkness and despair that is impulse buying (or, more accurately, receiving the bank statement after a period of impulse buying), I have made myself a specific list of the things I actually need so that I will only spend money on those. Very grown up and responsible. Well done me.

I have also gone to the trouble of researching which store the products are cheapest in. Most of the products are cheapest in Superdrug, in fact the only one that isn’t is a Boots own brand nail polish remover. There was one product that was the same in both shops, so I put the product on the pathetic-looking Boots list because I felt sorry for it.

Unfortunately my genius plan has a flaw. There are some non-specific things I need, such as waterproof eye shadow for apple bobbing or similar, and liquid eye liner. This will probably lead to me buying 50 different shades of waterproof eye shadow and five liquid eye liners. NOT GOOD.

What may also happen is that I will see something and think, ‘oh my god i must have that why isnt that on my list it so totally should be im getting one in every colour’, and totally ignore the system. I think I am simply going to have to rely on my amazing self control skills. HA HA.

Do you have any foolproof methods of shopping control? If ya do…please tell me. I need help.

Love from,