Fantastic Dry Hands Saviour

This little tip will take your hands from sandpaper to silk. Tried and tested by yours truly!

Ok, so I found this idea a little while ago whilst surfing the web (can’t remember exactly which website…comment below if you’ve mentioned this on your site) and it really worked! I’m worried this may sound like an advertisement, but it isn’t a particular product that I’m talking about – there are loads of different products you can use for this. Anyway, time to spit it out already.

Take a face scrub and put some in the palm of your hand. Add a squirt of water and mix to form a runny paste and rub onto your hands, paying specific attention to dryer areas. Rinse off. Your hands will emerge feeling super soft, but remember to moisturise them afterwards as you would do after scrubbing your face. I recommend a face scrub because a normal body scrub will be too harsh on your hands, and face scrubs have smaller bits (technical term: unknown) which will give a more intense, deep and careful scrub.

The face scrub I use for this is The Body Shop vitamin C face scrub, I just find it works best on my skin.

I wouldn’t recommend using this if you already have super soft hands (please don’t gloat) as it may be too harsh on the skin if there isn’t actually and dead skin to remove.

Please let me know if this tip works for you!

Love You,