In-Depth Sheer Blonde Review

Bonjour! I hope you’re having a very nice day. If not, I apologise on behalf of the Universe.

I have been trying John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Shampoo and Conditioner for you blondies out there. I was attracted to it as I really want highlights but I always think dyed ones look so fake, so I wanted all the help I could get (no thanks to you, British weather) Here’s some notes on what happened:

Just washed for first time, hair feels fantastic; soft and light, shiny, voluminous, moisturised.

End of day, slightly frizzy after day of rain and having my hood up, less voluminous than morning but still more than normal.

Second day (no other products added so far), still voluminous and super soft with no tangles! yaaaayy. Easy to manage, no need for hat, ponytail, dry shampoo, or even hairbrush as I left it in a plait overnight to avoid knots. Ends feel slightly dry but don’t look it. Overall hair is shiny and brightened, slightly heavier than yesterday. Also roots are ever-so-slightly greasy due to moisturising properties of shampoo. In all v.impressive and much nicer than my usual shamp/condi

Third day, slightly greasy (impressive for 3rd day as is usually very greasy), still soft and v.voluminous. Rather impressive!

I will definitely use this again; it makes my hair feel and look fantastic, it lasts, it may even help me achieve my long sought after highlights.

It has Sasha’s Seal of Approval – Go out and give it a go!

Which type of products do you want me to review next? I’ll try my best to base my reviews on whatever you request in the comments!

Love ya,