My Latest Bath

Bonjour bambinos! In recent news, I have had a bath. In this bath were a number of things that I had not yet tried, and was very excited to do so. Here are my thoughts on each one.

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser


I purchased this yesterday (despite not being on my list, dammit) having been enticed by the advert.

Moisturising always annoys me. I have around twelve different body butters and whatnot, and I put time and effort into actively despising the time and effort I must put into them. The distraction from whatever important thing you were doing having realised you forgot to moisturise. The endless rubbing. The greasy end. The Wait. The only upside to some of them is that heavenly smell…*drifts off into memories of passion fruit, coconut, and mango, only to go on a snacking binge*

Mmm. Passion fruit is yummy.

But Nivea has put up a hefty fight – this ‘pampering honey’ scented beauty smells good enough to, well, sit around and sniff all day. I also adore the fact that when you use it, you step out of the bath completely finished and you don’t have to do anything else but stroke your silky skin.

I also love that you wash it off, as I never liked rubbing cream into my skin then feeling as if I immediately wanted to wash it off again because I felt unclean.

It does it’s job, too – I came out of the bath with satin smooth legs. My arms weren’t so smooth, I don’t think I used enough as you can’t immediately tell whether you need more. My advice is simply ‘don’t be stingy’, the more you use the more moisturised you’ll feel.

This could be the future of moisture – watch out butters!

Sanex Zero% Shower Gel


Ok, so once again I have been subject to effective advertisement. I currently own many a shower gel but I got scared of all of them after seeing the Sanex Zero% advert, in which people rub paint over their bodies to represent the chemicals found in normal shower gels. Wanting a paint-free body, I stuffed this in my shopping basket as soon as I saw it.

The formula is thick and doesn’t lather easily, but I guess that’s due to the lack of thinning and lathering chemicals. It doesn’t smell bad, which impressed me as it has not got any fragrance.

This really isn’t the best shower gel, but I will definitely continue to use it, purely out of fear for the others.

VO5 Nourish My Shine Shampoo and Conditioner


Although this is formulated for damaged hair, I don’t use heat styling very often. I prefer leaving it in a plait overnight for a more natural, no fuss, super easy wave (try it!), however I do expose my hair to sunlight at every chance I get in an attempt to get highlights, which I think is pretty damaging (hence the term ‘sun damage’). Also, I want shiny hair. I just do.

The shampoo was easy to lather and a little went a long way with the conditioner. These are also super cheap – buy them together for £6 at Superdrug – and don’t smell half bad either.

Well, my hair is now shiny, but also greasy on the scalp which is extremely disappointing. I have never had this problem after the first wash before! My hair is quite light and quite soft, but for me, ‘quite’ just won’t cut it. I will not be using these again…they simply don’t suit my hair type. Maybe it was a bit unfair of me to give them a bad review as I’m not really the target market. Just stay away from these if you have normal-greasy hair.

Do you love or loath the Nivea in-shower? Are you worried about the chemicals in your shower gel? Let me know in the comments!

Love from,