Grandma’s Easter Egg Hunt

So today I went to my grandma’s house for a cute little Easter egg hunt that we have every year. I am aware that today was not Easter, but being Jewish my family don’t really care.
Most of my mums side of the family goes, including my cousins who I’m really close with.
The hunt itself lasted about five minutes but we all stayed for ages after that, chatting and scoffing as you do. I tried to eat as much as possible so as not to upset my grandma, but having just gone out for Japanese I was finding it hard to fit anything in my stomach at all. She did have these really cute fingernail size golden Easter eggs though.

My uncle recently bought her two new cats after both her old ones died (in the same week – not fun).  I have been shown pictures and we have all agreed that they are staggeringly ugly. They look like grumpy cat with fat rolls. They are Persians – so if any of you have seen Cats and Dogs, its the evil one, so we’re not off to a very good start.

Here is what Google Images has to say about Persian cats:



So I’m looking forward to one being a criminal mastermind and the other being psychopathic, but its nice that my grandma (who lives alone) has two little friends to occupy her time.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Love from,