My Moisture Pointers

So here is my collection of body moisturisers and a little review of each one…

Body Shop Body Butter


I may have three massive tubs of these…(and a baby tub) but don’t judge, I only bought one of them myself…

My fave one is passion fruit. I LOVE the smell, it’s one of the nicest they do. I’m completely torn between wanting to use it all the time and wanting to save it for special occasions!!

I also have two coconut tubs (one full size and one baby), and for some reason, the baby tub smells sooooo much nicer than the big one?! The only difference is it is a lot older…maybe body butters improve with age?

I personally don’t think that these are worth £13 a tub, but when a sale is on they are usually taken down to £5, in which case it’s a great buy!

Soap And Glory The Righteous Butter

righteos butter

This one is very very creamy, which I like. It is easier to apply than the body shop butters that I have, which means I’ve been using it much more often as it takes less time to smooth into the skin, and it feels luxurious. I also like the smell, and I love the pink retro Soap And Glory packaging.

Ted Baker Body Souffle


This one is lighter than the body shop butter. It is heavily perfumed and smells nice but unnatural and a bit sickly. Unfortunately I always feel like I’m rubbing chemicals into my skin with this one.

The Sanctuary Spa Body Moisture Spray


I absolutely ADORE this spray. It absorbs instantly into your skin and it’s really really light, which makes a change from my body butters and various creams that I use. It’s especially good if you are in a rush and don’t have enough time to forever rub in a cream. It also leaves a divine shine on my skin, which non of my other moisturisers do, so I feel glowing whenever I put it on, like a lamp, or a glow-worm. I seriously recommend this to anyone who has legs…or arms. Or money to spend. Or a friend with a birthday coming up.

What about you? What do you look for in a body moisturiser? Which are your favourites? I wanna know!

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Love from,