Love: BarryM Nail Paints

Hello! The time has come again to tell you a little more about myself by showing you my loves and loathes in and around the beauty world. Today, it’s a love, which is only getting stronger… The BarryM Nail Paints are SO cheap and SO beautiful…whenever I look at them I start salivating (TMI?) and I just want all of them, although I have forbidden myself from buying any more nail polishes as I currently own 33 (sneaky Model’s Own saleswomen with your free gifts and special offers). I love the vibrancy in all the colours, and they come in fairly small bottles which is great for me as I can buy loads of different colours instead of one big one. Oh, I could just stare at them forever…

Their Gelly range in particular always catches my eye because they just look so yummy and they remind me of ice cream and sweets and I love them! I currently own six BarryM nail paints and I love each one of them (except for one which I have reviewed HERE) and I seriously want all of the others.

What’s weird is that I don’t even wear nail polish that often as I can’t be bothered past the base coat, yet I have so many nail polishes. I guess I just like owning them and looking at the pretty shades in the bottles. Also I only tend to wear each nail polish 1-3¬†times before I get bored of it. You know I really like one if I use it more than three times!

These perfect polishes are available in Superdrug and on

I just love these so much!!!!

I really really want to hear your thoughts on these guys and see if you love them as much as I do!

Love from,