The Black Sheep of the Flock

As I so clearly expressed in my last blog post, I am completely in love with the BarryM nail paints. BUT DON’T JUDGE A NAIL PAINT BY ITS BRAND – 336 Crystal Glaze is rubbish on its own or as a top coat and it has made me very sad and upset.

You may be thinking, “but I just googled it and it looks so pretty!”

If this is you, don’t be fooled. That is exactly what I thought when I bought the sad little thing. It looks godly in the bottle, but on your nails the sparkles show up in huge clumps and don’t spread out and the rest of the nail just looks clear.

This is definitely a product I regret buying.

please tell me what you think of this nail polish! do you love it or loath it?

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Lots of love,