potw#1 (Malin+Goetz) mojito lip balm

For my a’first (don’t even know what I was trying to do there) ‘potw’ (product of the week) post I wanted do do something extra special. I absolutely love potw posts on other blogs so I thought maybe others would love seeing them on my blog. I love them because it really shows me that the person writing the content uses the product a lot and prizes it above other products, because everyone can review various stuffies but when you see a pile up of good marks you have no idea which one is superior. And you can’t just go and buy all of them can you! Well, I can. But I can buy just about anything. Hell, I’d buy a fish slapping device if it was on sale.

malin and goetz mojito

This is definitely a post about something special. I bought this product in one of my many hauls (I won’t lie, I bought it simply because it was mojito flavoured and that sounded awesome. And obviously if I see a lip balm within 20 metres of a till then those two things are both going to have a meeting with my debit card. Every single time) and I was quite apprehensive as I had never tried anything from Malin+Goetz, although I must say I love their unique packaging. Why do they have brackets? No one knows. Does it look super cool? Uh yes.


Well, I can certainly understand their claim to ‘protection’. This gel-turned-balm is so darn thick that ain’t nothing getting through it. It locks everything out and creates a barrier between my lips and the outside world. Even when I lick my lips, my tongue just slides straight over the top. This makes it extraordinarily long-wearing (more than anything else I’ve ever tried) and very practical.

It is also multi-functional, as it can be layered up from a thin slick of balm to a glorious, glamorous, glossy thickness that mirrors the best of lip glosses with the properties of a balm. And it makes lips look overweight mammoth HUMONGOUS. Unfortunately, a little side effect is that I always use a very thick coating in order to achieve this effect, meaning the little tube isn’t lasting me as long as I’d like or expect it to.

I didn’t notice this when I bought it but it says to apply it for dry, irritated lips, which I often suffer from (oh the horror) as a result of an overload of chemicals from unnatural lip balms, glosses and sticks. In the past I have turned to my trusty Carmex to counteract the irritation and soothe my burning lips. I haven’t tried this one out in that situation yet but I’m excited to see if it can do the same job.

Now, you didn’t think I’d forgotten the flavour had you?! I didn’t know if I’d like it as I’m not much of an alcohol drinker (one real mojito would cause my face and the floor to have a very close relationship) but I’m so glad I absolutely love it to bits. As soon as you twist off the lid you get hit by a sugary, tangy eroma that gives your saliva glands a little wake up call. When you lick your lips however, the taste is very subtle.

This is such a fantastic product and it is very deserving of the ‘product of the week’ title. I cannot praise it enough and it is totally worth £10 here. Well done (MALIN+GOETZ)!

Thank you so much for reading :)

Love from,


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