On-Trend Sixties Retro NOTD – Cookies and Cream

Hello everyone! Smile because you can, and as a good friend often tells me, you’ll live longer. Unfortunately this usually leads to me thinking of death.

Retro is a word that for me gleams like a dazzling diamond out of every blog page, tweet or magazine and draws me in like a siren. I love anything retro, from outfits to nails to hair, which is why I’m currently thrilled that this delightful style has stormed the internet and firmly deposited itself on-trend. We are currently experiencing a nineties comeback (yay!) but the sixties are beginning to make some noise and I couldn’t be happier.

IMG_0292 IMG_0293 IMG_0286



I have created a sixties-inspired retro nail look to share with the world and encourage the rise of the sixties. I used the two nail paints above. First I applied Max Factor Glossfinity in Snow White (bottom in the picture) which did the job perfectly and provided opaque colour in just two layers. It also claims to keep my nails glossy for 7 days – I’ll be putting this to the test but it’s doing well so far – and we all know sparkles last forever so I’m hoping this will stay for a while! Next I applied one coat of Model’s Own Glitter Collection in Mixed Up which was bought from TK Maxx for only £2 (over half the regular price) on a whim – I’m sorry but I don’t think it is possible for any functioning human being to see that deal on that nail polish and just walk away – TOTALLY going against the ban I placed on myself from buying nail polish (click here to see why). And, voila! A black sparkly sprinkle over a snow white base. Reminds me of cookies and cream. Mmmm I want to eat my nails now that can’t be good

Since this nail look is basically monochrome, it goes with a huge variety or outfits and is casual, smart, and party proof! Wear anywhere, any time, for anything. Who can go wrong with cookies and cream?! Great for dieters – instead of eating the cookies, wear the cookies!

Love the sprinkle, hate the colour? Here are some other ideas:

IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0290


From the left: Northern Lights by Model’s Own, Blizzard by Model’s Own, sparkle nail polish by Claire’s, Pink Fizz by Model’s Own and Sparkle Touch in Glitter by Miss Sporty. Go on, add a bit of sparkle to your life! I always love spicing up a nail look by adding spinkles, even if it’s just to the ring finger nail. I absolutely love these nail polishes, they all create such different looks and last forever on your nails (although they can be a pain to remove)!

Read more about them here, and my recommended remover here!

Thank you so much for reading, but before you go, comment below telling me if you like the look, or if you are a fan of retro styles too!

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