A Couple of High-Endies

I thought I would review a couple of my high end mascaras, for those of you who like to ‘live it large’, as they say.

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara


I like this one.  It makes my eyelashes slightly curled and very long, dark and voluminous.

The brush in the picture looks a lot thinner than my own brush, but I think that may be because the brush in the picture is very clean and my own brush always comes out with so much goop on it that it always looks super-thick.

Great for Chanel fans and high-end buyers, but if you’re on a budget, don’t splash out for this one as there are plenty of high street mascaras that are just as good.

Would I recommend this mascara? Only if you have a spare £25 lying around, in which case, it’s money well spent.

To use : Straight brush strokes keep lashes separate, zig-zag strokes clump lashes together.

M.A.C False Lashes Mascara


First impressions of the bottle (is it called a bottle? Ah, ignorance) is that is it sleek, dark and mysterious. Then I realise what it reminded me of: a chess piece.

After applying one and then two coats of this mascara, I am left with very natural looking lashes. If you really pile it on then you can get quite a false-lashy effect but, in my opinion, still very natural. I guess its nice if you don’t want to look too overdone.

The thick, heavily bristled brush doesn’t really grab lashes, so it just leaves them a bit normal looking.

Use zig-zag strokes for separated, slightly voluminous top lashes, and straight brush strokes for not-too-flashy bottom lashes.

For £18, this is definitely not worth the money, unless you are a huge fan of the I-cant-even-tell-you’re-wearing-make-up look.

Have you had completely different experiences with these mascaras? Do you have any good dupes? If so, tell me!

Love from,


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