Turns Out I’m Just Different

A while ago I wrote a post about how much I missed reading. If you haven’t read that post then I suggest you do so before continuing with this post. http://sashahope.com/reading-anyone-else-miss/

I was shopping with my little sister and she seemed completely uninterested in every clothes shop I dragged her into, so I eventually let her go into WHSmith and look for books. It didn’t take me long before I came across a staggeringly bright yellow book. Having caught my eye, I picked it up and examined the title;


Gosh, I thought, that looks interesting. I had no idea that The Simpsons had any sort of mathematical secrets at all. I have a strong desire to know about this, I thought.

The comment at the top of the book enticed me even further;

‘Blows the lid off a decades-long conspiracy to secretly educate cartoon viewers’

Davis X. Cohen, writer for the Simpsons and co-creator of Futurama


This astounded me. It had been years since I found a book that I was genuinely interested in and was passionate about reading! Then it hit me – I had been looking in the wrong place.I wasn’t interested in fake stories about fake people who have no relevance to me or to anything really at all. I wanted to learn more about what I love in the world; about life and real things and real people and the wonder of what’s going on around me. I think it is pretty clear that this is not the view taken by most people, which is why I hadn’t discovered the joy of non-fiction until now. As with most people, I had never really considered it. It almost seemed like a negative word, say ‘non-fiction’ and ‘boring’ pops up. The non-fiction section of the library is like some alien land, somewhere you wouldn’t even think of going to find a book. Well, turns out I’m just different. And I love it.

I’m so, so glad that I’ve found what is good for me. It really doesn’t matter that it isn’t good for other people. Who cares? I’ll tell my friends, they will laugh at me, and they will accept it as a part of who I am. And if they don’t, then they aren’t the type of friends that I want anyway.

So far I have read 90 pages and am loving it. I have learnt many new and interesting things about maths, some which have been very loosely linked to The Simpsons and others which can be directly viewed on the show. I have also learnt much more about The Simpsons and the writing crew and some rather funny stories along the way.

I really do like being different.

Please comment telling me what you think about all of this, and if you can form an argument against me then I will be happy to debate you on it!

Love from,


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