ASOS is my Kryptonite

ASOS is one of my favourite online shops. It sells some good looking clothes at a very reasonable price (although I usually stick to the sales) and I just love buying from there.

I recently received a huge bundle (love the surprise of a package even though you know you ordered it) in which was a really cute slash neck grey top, among some other items.

Now, I admittedly went a bit overboard on this order. When shopping on, I automatically forget that I am not some sort of super human barbie who suits every single style. This was why what happened happened.

In the package were also present a pair of red hotpants and a tiny cropped top that practically showed my breasts. I had a fear of stairs when wearing it.

As soon as the hotpants arrived it became quite clear to me what a stupid idiot I was. You could see half my bum and the 80’s disco-lycra effect didn’t really help. I still love them, but I can’t wear them without being judged (stupid society with your labels), and I can’t even get away with it on a hot day because everyone can see the fabric is boiling and it has a high waist too, so it’s not like I’m any cooler.

The cropped top looked fantastic on the model online, but sadly I am not/do not look anything like the model online. It was possibly the worst suited top for me ever.

Now, ASOS has a really good return policy, so I could have just sent them right back. That’s probably what you are screaming at the screen right now, but you are forgetting one tiny little thing.

I’m much too lazy.

So now I just have them, sitting in my wardrobe, gathering dust. I think I shall give them away…any takers? XD

I don’t mean to say anything bad about ASOS in this post; I really love the store especially ASOS own brand and I own many happy clothes from there which I happily wear very often. I really want to become an ASOS insider but I’m not sure I publicise them enough.


Love from,