The Day-Brightener #1

Bonjourno :) I have decided to create this post as an effort to brighten days, lift heavy spirits and turn frowns upside down!

This week it’s something that always, ALWAYS works for me…no matter how down in the dumpies I’m feeling.

ENTER…the kittens!

Cute kittens

I love cats and kittens so much, there’s never been a period of my life I didn’t have one to cuddle or care for. I have always been a cat person (soz dogs), ever since cute little newborn me was brought home from hospital to immediately become a subject of immense curiosity to my parents’ two black kittens.

The kittens pictured here are this week’s medicine for an injured smile. They bring warmth to your heart and love to your eyes…also fluffy. Lots of fluffy.

I really hope you like this post and if it’s received well amongst you then I’ll do more posts like this (I hope so!)

Spread the post around to donate a smile or even a fully fledged good mood (It’s good for your karma)

Thank you so much for reading and I love you all to bits <3


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