Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser…Perfection or frustration?

Frustration. Frustration aaaaaaall the way.


As you may be aware, I am an internet shopping addict, which was how I came across buying this moisturiser, so the ‘frustration’ was my own fault really.

A while ago I was about to travel to France (bonjour) so I decided to stop being lazy and buy myself a new moisturiser. I was surfing around on having just ordered more batiste dry shampoo (lifesaver) when I came across this.

Now I have had problems with spots and blemishes for a while and the freederm adverts (I surprise even myself with my vulnerability towards advertisement) always claim to be super-effective in reducing spots, AND they have actual people saying that there’s nothing like it. Clever little freederm. I totally felt like I could trust them.


In my high of internet shopping I thought it would be a fantastic idea to completely ignore the fact that I have sensitive skin and instead buy this chemically abundant moisturiser. I have, since it arrived, counted the number of scary chemical words on the ingredients list. There are many.

After ordering the product I informed my friend (who I swear has tried every single product that gives the impression of reducing spots, blackheads or oil) who then told me that I had made a terrible mistake and that she broke out when she used it.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t listen to everything she says, she’s not God. But I felt a bit bummed after that anyway because I had been excited to try my first freederm product. And it’s not like her’s was the only opinion! I had the freederm advert people on my side!

Long story short, I broke out. Thanks for lying to me freederm advertisement people.

Did the freederm perfecting moisturiser work for you? Comment below!