GUEST POST – Colour Blocking

Style Guide–color block

Color blocking is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in one outfit.

In color blocking no stripes or patterns are used  only solid block colors.

You can color block with clothes,shoes,bags and even accessories,colors like black ,white,or nude can be used as base colors for your outfit,but try not to color block more than three bright colors in one outfit.

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Colors That go together .


In order not to cause a color disaster you can use a color wheel to create a great color block outfit.

Use the brighter colors to dress the part of your body that you want to show off and the darker clor used for a slimming look.

Be creative,ply with your colors ,don’t feel bad if you mess up we learn from our mistakes be confident be chic colors are a beautiful thing. Until next time …xo kattz.


Cathlee Patterson