Guest Post – Back to Class Top 5 Essentials


Whether it’s back to class, back to uni or back to work, there is simply no reason to deny yourself of some of the gorgeous stationary available on the high street at the minute. (There’s no reason anyway, I’m shamefully addicted to pretty stationary). I’ve handpicked five of my ultimate favourites and definite purchases I will be planning on making before the new semester begins!

1. Acrylic desk pot from MUJI

When I’m on a beauty blog roll, scouring the internet for interesting beauty posts and new bloggers to follow, there’s a reoccurrence of acrylic storage! Simple and unobtrusive, why not use the storage for stationary, too? I’ll be saving up to purchase a whole collection. Also, Muji is so affordable and cute. 

2.  Filofax from Paperchase

I don’t know where I would be without my Filofax, I currently use my mums old red leather one, but this colour is a sure fire way of keeping Summer colouring with you even if the sun doesn’t stick around. They’re so handy, from planning lectures, keeping notes on events and birthdays, and for bloggers it’s a great way to plan posts when you’re out and about and have an idea! 

3. Sharpies from Ryman*

What on earth is the point in writing if you can’t make it pretty?! I’m kidding, but it does help. I can’t study notes unless I’m looking at something appealing but that’s just me. It’s always handy to have a beautiful set of colours on hand for when you fancy them. They’re also on offer at the minute!

4. Abstract Wooden Notepad from Paperchase*

Just something a little different really. I love how the pad has a wooden cover, which means it won’t rip or get damaged (I tend to carelessly chuck things in my bag at the end of a busy day). Paperchase stock gazillions of notepads and notebooks, from navajo to floral – it’s really worth having a look, this was my personal favourite. 

5. Heart Sticker Sheet from Ebay

Because…Why not? They’d look super cute stuck on important days in your diary, act as jazzy alternatives to bullet points or would even be a little inexpensive way to personalise your room – be creative! 

So that’s my checklist of things I’ll make sure I take to university when I return in September. What are your ultimate stationary must-haves? Are you a bit of a stationary hoarder too? 

(Items marked with asterisks indicate websites that provide STUDENT DISCOUNT! YAY!)

Written by the lovely Eleni from :)