I’m Stuffed.

So today I went shopping in town with my lovely cousin and after feeling like I was going to faint from hunger for about an hour we finally sat down in the Mayfair Pizza Company.
As soon as I saw that there were black truffle arancini on the menu I knew I had to try those, which meant that she also ordered a starter which was pesto and tomato pizza bread.
After stuffing my face with two arancini balls an half a small pizza, I was full. But did I stop there? Nooooooooo. I ordered another pizza for the main. I almost ordered lamb shank! So glad I didn’t I would have thrown up!!
After polishing off half of my huge pizza containing smoked chicken and caramelised onions topped off with a sprinkling of rosemary, I knew it was really time to stop. Then I had a couple more pieces.
AND THEN, despite my stomachs best attempts to stop me by hurting very much, we decided to share a dessert because it just sounded too good to miss. It wasn’t even that nice but I scoffed my half clean up anyway.
But does it end there? Ohhhhhh no. I then had to buy myself a large size bubble tea in Topshop with extra passion fruit bubbles in it. Someone please give me some self control.
I won’t bother you with the details of this but I also ended up consuming many a chip and a quarter of a large sausage. This was before I even finished my by then sickening bubble tea. As you can understand I then spent a considerable amount of time on the toilet.
I am now writing to you on my tummy with a flat notebook underneath me in order to stop the pain. I am seriously far gone. I’m not eating anything ever again. Well, maybe tomorrow.
I appreciate that I need food to survive. But why does it have to be so damn YUMMY? And why does it have to cause me extreme pain whenever I give in?
Wish me moderation,