Awesome Life Hacks

Aloha everyone. Today I’m sharing with you some super cool tips and tricks I use in everyday life to make everything that little bit easier, and you can use them too!

I read about life hacks A LOT, and most of the time they never seem to be relevant to problems I have or things that I need to do. I instead made up my own little life hacks that are relevant to me and my life, hopefully meaning it would be relevant to the people around me as well. It’s a mix of beauty, hair, DIY, food, travel and everything really! Enjoy!

1. Struggling to find space in your handbag (especially in that tiny clutch on a night out)? Take out that bulky hand cream, pop down to the Body Shop and ask an assistant for a sample of one of their hand creams. You’ll get a dinky little pot which you can just slip in to your handbag without fuss! It lasts a good few uses too and is super light, unlike a full tube! And you’ll be doing your hands a favour – the Body Shop hand creams cater for specific needs such as ageing and weak nails (that’s the one I use) and do well to soften and moisturise hands.


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When the little tub runs out (or if you find it doesn’t work as well as your normal hand cream), you can always fill it up again with the hand cream of your choice, so you can continue to save space in your handbag. Recently I’ve been trying out dermaV10 anti-ageing hand & nail cream which was sent to me by the brand along with an anti-ageing moisturiser. DermaV10 is the UK’s fastest growing beauty brand and prides itself on providing cruelty-free products with prices starting from under £1. The brand has been around for a while but are just starting to make some noise! They rely on your positive feedback as advertising so they can keep product prices low. Their motto ‘Love yourself for less’ stays true to their products and this one doesn’t disappoint. It smells scrumptious and is formulated with beeswax and vitamin E which gives a rich formula to nourish and enrich the skin. The hand cream also has anti-ageing properties (you’re never too young for this) and SPF 10. This is from the Q10 Innovations range.

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And whilst you’re at it, you could swap your normal perfume bottle for a little sample vial you seem to collect everywhere, or just add that in if you don’t already carry perfume. Spritz once or twice throughout the day, or when you think the scent is wearing off. Quite long-lasting too; I can usually get a good two weeks use out of a sample vial. A good chance to try the perfume sample out before you buy!

2. Having a hairy frizz-attack? CAN’T FIND YOUR SERUM?! Don’t worry. Hand cream (in small amounts) can work as a temporary solution. Spread the cream around your hands as usual, but instead of rubbing it all in, tame down the frizzy parts of your hair. It’s probably best to wash your hair that evening. Also, be very careful not to use too much, especially on the scalp, as your hair can get greasy fast.

3. Still battling that frizz? This DIY leave in conditioner will tackle tangles and fight frizz for that extra day of no washing. Take a spray bottle (possibly an empty leave in conditioner bottle, if you’ve ran out and need a new one fast) and pour in it one part normal conditioner to three parts water. Add another part water if you are using a thicker conditioner, and stir stir stir! A few sprays throughout the day will keep things under control.

4. Use white eye shadow as a base for your other colours to make your eyes stand out. It helps the colour lasts longer and gives bright colours a pop. I can’t remember the first time I heard this tip – it’s so simple and easy yet surprisingly unknown!

5. Making pancakes? I am the worst at keeping the mix in the ladle on that dreaded journey from the bowl to the pan. One thing I’ve learnt from the internet? Put pancake mix in an (EMPTY) ketchup bottle for a reusable, no-mess experience! It also gives you a lot more control over how much mix you want in the pan. A squeezy ketchup bottle is best for this, not the chug-chug ones.

6. Going on holiday? Well, it is the summer – and who doesn’t want a tan? Tie a small piece of brightly coloured or easy to notice fabric to your luggage handle. This makes collecting your bag after a flight so much easier, as you can immediately see which bag is yours!

I hope those tips helped you along in your daily life and made things just that little bit easier!

Before you go, leave a comment saying what your favourite tip was from the list above, or drop us your own little tip (and be sure to put your blog link if you have one)

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