Hotel Chocolat Decadent Wishlist + Brand Focus

This wishlist is ‘decadent’ because I know I will never be able to afford any of these things without letting go of one of my internal organs.

These are the chocolate they serve in heaven, guys. My heaven anyway.

Hotel Chocolat chocolate is definitely my favourite, and I’ve tasted some of the best out there. They’re not too sickly that you feel you have to stop after one (in fact I often feel the very opposite) and you can taste the quality of the ingredients in every bite. I particularly love the mix of textures they try to incorporate into every chocolate design, and they’re always packed with flavour. They have one of the widest varieties of products I have ever seen from a chocolate shop. The range covers drinking chocolate, chocolate spread, pasta and pesto, horseradish, chutney, wine & spirits, and even beauty products in addition to some of the most original and diverse chocolates ever. But they haven’t forgotten the classics – their simple milk chocolate is the best I’ve ever tasted.

I seriously love this store.

Hotel Chocolat Decadent Wishlist

hotel chocolat

1. Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure

£35 for some melted chocolate and biscuits? You would have to be seriously opulent to pay that kind of money for something you could make at home. Doesn’t stop me from wanting it though, and I’m definitely NOT saying it’s not worth it – I’ve never tried it before so I have no means of knowing – if it lives up to the quality of most of the stuff I have tried, then it’s a whole lot more than just some marshmallows and chocolate dip.

Not only do I foresee fabulous quality and taste, I am also a huge fan of chocolate dipping pots so this is a personal want for me. The last chocolate dipping pot I had was at Choccywoccydoodah and it was fantastic. Felt totally sick afterwards but whatever.

2. A 12 Month Subscription Package to the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

‘Welcome to the Chocolate Tasting Club – the secret of Hotel Chocolat’s talent for innovative and exceptional chocolates. Every four weeks our Tasting Club members receive a new selection of chocolates, brimming with a mix of superb favourites and brand new recipes created by the ingenious chocolatiers in our development kitchen. Our members choose which of the new chocolates they love the most, and let us know through a special scoring system. The most highly voted go on to become chocolate superstars, appearing in our stores as special Selector chocolates and in our boxed selections. We call it Hotel Chocolat’s “Chocolate Democracy” – and you can be a part of it. We even make recipes dreamed up by our members, in our special ‘Create A Chocolate’ competition! Choose your selection – Mixed, All Dark, All Milk, No alcohol or Rare Cocoa – and treat yourself to exciting and original chocolate recipes created by Hotel Chocolat’s chocolatiers.’

What can I say? This sounds fabulous. I’ve tried the tasting club boxes before and enjoyed them immensely. You get two of each chocolate and the recipes may be new but are certainly very impressive, and the menus give great detail which I love as I always like to know what I’m eating. Rating them can be fun but mainly I can’t be bothered, although it is a nice idea. I love the surprise when the box arrives at your door, the anticipation when opening it, and then seeing the chocolates for the first time…

ME? A chocoholic? Don’t be ridiculous. Where on earth did you get such an idea anyway.

The only thing I don’t like about this box is that most of the time I’m never going to be able to taste the chocolates again, because they don’t actually go into production. Only some of the highest rated chocolates make it into the Hotel Chocolat stores.

3. Large Chocolatier’s Table

OK…So it’s huge. And costs £105. And contains every type of chocolate they sell. Which is why I want it so bad. 

It would be perfect! If I had a box with every single chocolate they make in it then I could try each one and make a note of how much I like it so I know exactly what to buy next time. No more of this ‘should I go for the one I know I like or try something new’ business, I will have power! The power of knowledge! And since knowledge is power, I will have the power of power! POWER!

And no more wasting money on chocolates I don’t like! I won’t need to take the risk because I’ll already know if I like them!

Oh, and obviously I get to eat all that chocolate. That’s a bonus too.

For that box, I would put on nine inch heels and play football with everyone who had previously respected me. WITHOUT A BRA. Just imagine.

I hope you enjoyed this rather detailed wishlist and brand focus and it maybe opened your eyes to a new world of chocolatey possibility.

Leave a comment telling us what you think of my choices, or what your favourite chocolate store is. And be sure to leave your blog link if you have one!

Thank you so much for reading,