Review: Clinique Lash Power Mascara

Summer is approaching! I was plunged into the pool of realisation when it was brought to my attention that my holiday to Turkey is in four weeks. I am tres excited (multilingual? I think not).

In the spirit of [insert something summery] I have made a totally fantabulous new find!

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

I use this daily and it is my favourite mascara to use on my bottom lashes, as the small, thin brush enables you to get right up to the lash line, so you have much more control. Personally, this is a very welcome change to the fatso brushes that make my bottom eyelashes super elongated and manga-ish. With this, I can just go along my lashline so the lashes look thick and plentiful at the roots (also no need for eyeliner, top or bottom) but not too long and spidery. I have always had this problem with normal mascaras on my bottom lashes,  which makes me super happy with this mascara as it just suits my eyes and my personality (cliché alert) so very well.

I also always get surprised by how thin the brush is and get a kick out of inserting it in and pulling it out of the tube (dont judge me) and I feel like it actually enhances my eye colour.

Overall, this makes a huge difference to my eyes. My lashes feel light and feathery, look defined, and I swear have actually multiplied.

Other out of this world features include:

Darkens to the blackest black EVER.

Curls. Lengthens. No clumps.

Thickens. Volumises.

Long wearing formula.

Easy to remove.

ATM (points for being ‘down with’ internet slang?) I’m using Maybelline the Falsies on my top lashes – despite its many virtues it doesn’t quite beat my beloved Falsie Walsie – and this on my bottom lashes for the reasons I described earlier.

If that isn’t enough for you it carries Sasha’s seal of approval and I would definitely repurchase and recommend!

What’s your favourite bottom lash mascara? Leave a comment and make a blogger smile!

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