Review: Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

Hiya Guys and Girls! Ok, I’m never saying that again.

This water-resistant, paraben-free formula from Eyeko contains conditioning pro-vitamin B to promote growth by preventing breakage for long-term lash care…but how does it look?

Just Applied

Works better with zig-zag brush strokes.

Top lashes – gives fair amount of volume with no clumps, but no curl. Makes lashes look longer. Feels light and comfortable. Very natural.

Bottom lashes – much too bold for me, not for use in daytime. I personally do not like overly defined bottom lashes, so I won’t use this again on my bottom lashes. Makes me look like a manga.

From a distance, eyes look framed, but don’t stand out.

After Seven Hours (+ Crying)

Slightly flaked, but no smudging. Nothing a slight wipe couldn’t fix.

At this point, it basically looks like I have very nice eyelashes with no mascara on them. The bottom eyelashes now look better, I think they were just too elongated before.

Overall Review

Nothing really stands out after applying this mascara, but it does feel comfortable.

Would I use this product again?

On a casual day maybe, just to give my lashes some long-term care.

Would I repurchase this product? 

Only if I could find a really good deal. Priced at £15 on, as conditioning as it is, I prefer mascaras that give a bit more volume. Maybe better for someone trying to achieve the natural look, or who feels like their lashes are a bit tired out from all that applying and removing and need a bit of a hug.

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What do you guys think of the new Alexa for Eyeko range?

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