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CameraAwesomePhoto CameraAwesomePhoto (4) CameraAwesomePhoto (8) CameraAwesomePhoto (2) Today I thought I would share with you two of my favourite products that I use very often and absolutely love.

I went into the hairdressers a couple of months ago with the intent of finding a shampoo and conditioner that were perfectly suited to my hair. I was tired of ‘ultimate shine’, ‘ultimate volume’, ‘ultimate frizz protection’, ‘ultimate softness’ and all that malarkey. I was fed up having to choose between all of them; there must be one that gives me all of them, I thought.

However, I didn’t trust myself to find this ‘perfect’ hair wash. I spent hours on the internet searching, but they all seemed to want to place me into a particular box, and I thought I fit into most of the boxes. This made it very hard for me to find something that fit all of my needs.

This is why I decided to enlist the help of my hairdresser. I thought, this would be a person who can see exactly what hair type I am, exactly what my hair needs and exactly what product would give this to me.

Now, I have never really been one to stick with hairdressers. There are four or five hair salons on my high street and I have visited all of them, each time being tended to by a different hairdresser. This doesn’t really bother me as most of the time I just want a simple wash and trim with slight layering at the front, which any hairdresser could do. So I don’t have very much reason just to stick with one; I prefer to let the receptionist decide what is most convenient at my scheduled time.

At the time, I was switching between Regis and Tony and Guy. Both respectable hair salons, and I was happy with both of them, but I knew I wanted Regis for this one. The reasoning behind this is that Regis sells many different brands in their salons, so I felt like I was getting a real personal recommendation. In Tony and Guy, they only sold their own brand, so I had no way of knowing whether the product was really the best one for my hair, or just the best one in the Tony and Guy collection (I think it’s called label m). So I booked me an appointment at Regis.

I began by explaining to the lovely hairdresser that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when it comes to haircare. I told her I was looking for the products, focusing on shampoo and conditioner, that would make my hair all those things I wanted it to be; voluminous, shiny, sleek, soft, weightless, moisturised at the ends, non-greasy on the scalp, long, manageable, etc. and her answer was something I had not expected.

Firstly, she began explaining to me how it was pretty impossible to achieve all these things. Volume shampoos, she said, create volume by stripping the hair of it’s natural oils. This takes away the shine. It was kind of obvious really; dry shampoo makes your hair voluminous because it absorbs and therefore removes the oils on your scalp, but even so I was heartbroken to realise that I couldn’t get everything I wanted.

Just then, I spotted a promotion package on the table in front of me. It was a Kerastase volume treatment which promised voluminous and shiny hair. I pointed this out to the hairdresser. Her excuse was that Kerastase is an extremely expensive brand, so unless you are willing to pay that amount of money, you won’t be able to achieve volume and shine together.

So, after the shocking realisation that I cannot have everything, she proceeded to enquire what my main priority was. I decided, reluctantly, that I just wanted my hair to be the best it can be.

She then went on to tell me that if I, instead of using products simply labelled for ‘shine’ or ‘smoothness’, used the products that would restore my hair to it’s natural health, the shine and smoothness etc. would follow. In other words, I shouldn’t try and find the shine. If I care for my hair, the shine will come to me.

After this revelation had been digested, she presented me with this shampoo and conditioner duo from Paul Mitchell. I am not used to Paul Mitchell. Up to this point, I had used products from John Frieda, VO5, L’oreal and the like. This would explain why I am also not used to a price tag of £20. And it was on offer.

If it hadn’t been on offer, I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but I splurged knowing that if I didn’t buy it now I’d have to pay more later.

So far, I am very impressed with the results. My hair is shiny, feels great, looks great and is very manageable. I also enjoy the feeling that I am not simply slapping temporary, artificial shine on my hair, but that the shine is really coming from the inside. The product is also very natural (something Paul Mitchell is famous for) and I really think it’s perfect for my hair as I don’t dye my hair or use heated appliances very often, so an instant moisture kind of thing is much better for me than a rich, deep moisture. This also prevents my scalp from getting greasy too quickly.

Would I repurchase this duo, I hear you cry? I am going to have to have a long hard think about this when I run out. If I run out. This has lasted me what feels like forever and I think it’ll last me a whole lot longer. The reason for this, despite it’s almost daily use and a great loss of it on one fateful journey back from France, is that the treatment is so thick that you only need a very small amount (depending on how much hair you have, of course). It is pricey, but considering how long lasting it is it may even be better value than some of the high street brands I’ve been using.

If you are looking for a new haircare product or just something epic to splurge on, buy this product here or from your local salon.

What’s your favourite haircare product?



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