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Review: Natural Collection LashCare Clear Mascara

Hello lovelies. Just a simple mascara review for you today. Enjoyee!

After removing last night’s eye make up, I apply this mascara to my right eye. I almost don’t bother with my left eye because it makes such little difference.

Top Lashes

Lashes are separated and curled, but the mascara is so watery that it is incapable of holding up the curl for more than a second.

Now I simply have wet, separated lashes, and I think the mascara is going in my eye. At least the wetness has made them look slightly darker.

Bottom Lashes

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Overall review

Would I use this mascara again?


Would I recommend this mascara?


This product proves that cheap is not always cheerful : priced at only £1.99 this is what I would expect.

Buy this product at : http://www.boots.com/en/Natural-Collection-Lash-Care-Mascara_24312/

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think?

Lovely Love From,


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Fantastic Dry Hands Saviour

This little tip will take your hands from sandpaper to silk. Tried and tested by yours truly!

Ok, so I found this idea a little while ago whilst surfing the web (can’t remember exactly which website…comment below if you’ve mentioned this on your site) and it really worked! I’m worried this may sound like an advertisement, but it isn’t a particular product that I’m talking about – there are loads of different products you can use for this. Anyway, time to spit it out already.

Take a face scrub and put some in the palm of your hand. Add a squirt of water and mix to form a runny paste and rub onto your hands, paying specific attention to dryer areas. Rinse off. Your hands will emerge feeling super soft, but remember to moisturise them afterwards as you would do after scrubbing your face. I recommend a face scrub because a normal body scrub will be too harsh on your hands, and face scrubs have smaller bits (technical term: unknown) which will give a more intense, deep and careful scrub.

The face scrub I use for this is The Body Shop vitamin C face scrub, I just find it works best on my skin.

I wouldn’t recommend using this if you already have super soft hands (please don’t gloat) as it may be too harsh on the skin if there isn’t actually and dead skin to remove.

Please let me know if this tip works for you!

Love You,


Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser…Perfection or frustration?

Frustration. Frustration aaaaaaall the way.


As you may be aware, I am an internet shopping addict, which was how I came across buying this moisturiser, so the ‘frustration’ was my own fault really.

A while ago I was about to travel to France (bonjour) so I decided to stop being lazy and buy myself a new moisturiser. I was surfing around on superdrug.com having just ordered more batiste dry shampoo (lifesaver) when I came across this.

Now I have had problems with spots and blemishes for a while and the freederm adverts (I surprise even myself with my vulnerability towards advertisement) always claim to be super-effective in reducing spots, AND they have actual people saying that there’s nothing like it. Clever little freederm. I totally felt like I could trust them.


In my high of internet shopping I thought it would be a fantastic idea to completely ignore the fact that I have sensitive skin and instead buy this chemically abundant moisturiser. I have, since it arrived, counted the number of scary chemical words on the ingredients list. There are many.

After ordering the product I informed my friend (who I swear has tried every single product that gives the impression of reducing spots, blackheads or oil) who then told me that I had made a terrible mistake and that she broke out when she used it.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t listen to everything she says, she’s not God. But I felt a bit bummed after that anyway because I had been excited to try my first freederm product. And it’s not like her’s was the only opinion! I had the freederm advert people on my side!

Long story short, I broke out. Thanks for lying to me freederm advertisement people.

Did the freederm perfecting moisturiser work for you? Comment below!



Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect

Bonjour readers! The keen-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I have made a twitter account from which you can keep an eye on all my new posts. Follow me (online please, not in real life). Now, back to beauty.

I received this as a freebie with another purchase, can’t remember what (mind, sieve…same thing), and couldn’t wait to try it out. The fat bottle and brush leads one to assume that ones lashes (gosh I sound posh…and I’m a poet!) shall also become fat after using, and one gets rather excited.

But don’t judge a mascara by its bottle – lashes are left thin, sparse and hard as rocks, and the only good thing about it is that it has an eye-opening effect. Putting on more coats does lengthen the lashes but also makes them clumpy and uneven.

It is also extremely hard to remove. I went through 4 simple face wipes (usually it only takes one) and splashed my face with water before giving up. That’s right. I’m a giver-upper.

Not good. Not good.

I really don’t recommend this mascara, but let me know in the comments if you would!

Please follow me on twitter, and I’ll a’follow you right back!

Love ya,


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The Black Sheep of the Flock

As I so clearly expressed in my last blog post, I am completely in love with the BarryM nail paints. BUT DON’T JUDGE A NAIL PAINT BY ITS BRAND – 336 Crystal Glaze is rubbish on its own or as a top coat and it has made me very sad and upset.

You may be thinking, “but I just googled it and it looks so pretty!”

If this is you, don’t be fooled. That is exactly what I thought when I bought the sad little thing. It looks godly in the bottle, but on your nails the sparkles show up in huge clumps and don’t spread out and the rest of the nail just looks clear.

This is definitely a product I regret buying.

please tell me what you think of this nail polish! do you love it or loath it?

CLICK HERE to see me drooling over other Barry M nail polishes!

Lots of love,


Love: BarryM Nail Paints

Hello! The time has come again to tell you a little more about myself by showing you my loves and loathes in and around the beauty world. Today, it’s a love, which is only getting stronger… The BarryM Nail Paints are SO cheap and SO beautiful…whenever I look at them I start salivating (TMI?) and I just want all of them, although I have forbidden myself from buying any more nail polishes as I currently own 33 (sneaky Model’s Own saleswomen with your free gifts and special offers). I love the vibrancy in all the colours, and they come in fairly small bottles which is great for me as I can buy loads of different colours instead of one big one. Oh, I could just stare at them forever…

Their Gelly range in particular always catches my eye because they just look so yummy and they remind me of ice cream and sweets and I love them! I currently own six BarryM nail paints and I love each one of them (except for one which I have reviewed HERE) and I seriously want all of the others.

What’s weird is that I don’t even wear nail polish that often as I can’t be bothered past the base coat, yet I have so many nail polishes. I guess I just like owning them and looking at the pretty shades in the bottles. Also I only tend to wear each nail polish 1-3 times before I get bored of it. You know I really like one if I use it more than three times!

These perfect polishes are available in Superdrug and on www.barrym.com

I just love these so much!!!!

I really really want to hear your thoughts on these guys and see if you love them as much as I do!

Love from,


I’m Stuffed.

So today I went shopping in town with my lovely cousin and after feeling like I was going to faint from hunger for about an hour we finally sat down in the Mayfair Pizza Company.
As soon as I saw that there were black truffle arancini on the menu I knew I had to try those, which meant that she also ordered a starter which was pesto and tomato pizza bread.
After stuffing my face with two arancini balls an half a small pizza, I was full. But did I stop there? Nooooooooo. I ordered another pizza for the main. I almost ordered lamb shank! So glad I didn’t I would have thrown up!!
After polishing off half of my huge pizza containing smoked chicken and caramelised onions topped off with a sprinkling of rosemary, I knew it was really time to stop. Then I had a couple more pieces.
AND THEN, despite my stomachs best attempts to stop me by hurting very much, we decided to share a dessert because it just sounded too good to miss. It wasn’t even that nice but I scoffed my half clean up anyway.
But does it end there? Ohhhhhh no. I then had to buy myself a large size bubble tea in Topshop with extra passion fruit bubbles in it. Someone please give me some self control.
I won’t bother you with the details of this but I also ended up consuming many a chip and a quarter of a large sausage. This was before I even finished my by then sickening bubble tea. As you can understand I then spent a considerable amount of time on the toilet.
I am now writing to you on my tummy with a flat notebook underneath me in order to stop the pain. I am seriously far gone. I’m not eating anything ever again. Well, maybe tomorrow.
I appreciate that I need food to survive. But why does it have to be so damn YUMMY? And why does it have to cause me extreme pain whenever I give in?
Wish me moderation,

My Latest Bath

Bonjour bambinos! In recent news, I have had a bath. In this bath were a number of things that I had not yet tried, and was very excited to do so. Here are my thoughts on each one.

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser


I purchased this yesterday (despite not being on my list, dammit) having been enticed by the advert.

Moisturising always annoys me. I have around twelve different body butters and whatnot, and I put time and effort into actively despising the time and effort I must put into them. The distraction from whatever important thing you were doing having realised you forgot to moisturise. The endless rubbing. The greasy end. The Wait. The only upside to some of them is that heavenly smell…*drifts off into memories of passion fruit, coconut, and mango, only to go on a snacking binge*

Mmm. Passion fruit is yummy.

But Nivea has put up a hefty fight – this ‘pampering honey’ scented beauty smells good enough to, well, sit around and sniff all day. I also adore the fact that when you use it, you step out of the bath completely finished and you don’t have to do anything else but stroke your silky skin.

I also love that you wash it off, as I never liked rubbing cream into my skin then feeling as if I immediately wanted to wash it off again because I felt unclean.

It does it’s job, too – I came out of the bath with satin smooth legs. My arms weren’t so smooth, I don’t think I used enough as you can’t immediately tell whether you need more. My advice is simply ‘don’t be stingy’, the more you use the more moisturised you’ll feel.

This could be the future of moisture – watch out butters!

Sanex Zero% Shower Gel


Ok, so once again I have been subject to effective advertisement. I currently own many a shower gel but I got scared of all of them after seeing the Sanex Zero% advert, in which people rub paint over their bodies to represent the chemicals found in normal shower gels. Wanting a paint-free body, I stuffed this in my shopping basket as soon as I saw it.

The formula is thick and doesn’t lather easily, but I guess that’s due to the lack of thinning and lathering chemicals. It doesn’t smell bad, which impressed me as it has not got any fragrance.

This really isn’t the best shower gel, but I will definitely continue to use it, purely out of fear for the others.

VO5 Nourish My Shine Shampoo and Conditioner


Although this is formulated for damaged hair, I don’t use heat styling very often. I prefer leaving it in a plait overnight for a more natural, no fuss, super easy wave (try it!), however I do expose my hair to sunlight at every chance I get in an attempt to get highlights, which I think is pretty damaging (hence the term ‘sun damage’). Also, I want shiny hair. I just do.

The shampoo was easy to lather and a little went a long way with the conditioner. These are also super cheap – buy them together for £6 at Superdrug – and don’t smell half bad either.

Well, my hair is now shiny, but also greasy on the scalp which is extremely disappointing. I have never had this problem after the first wash before! My hair is quite light and quite soft, but for me, ‘quite’ just won’t cut it. I will not be using these again…they simply don’t suit my hair type. Maybe it was a bit unfair of me to give them a bad review as I’m not really the target market. Just stay away from these if you have normal-greasy hair.

Do you love or loath the Nivea in-shower? Are you worried about the chemicals in your shower gel? Let me know in the comments!

Love from,


Internet Shopping Addiction

Deep breath. Just stand up and do what you came for. Be brave! You can do this!

“Hi. I’m Sasha and I’m an internet shopping addict”


“Hi Sasha”

It all happened so quickly…I thought I was spending responsibly…I…I never wanted it to end this way-

Oh, stop feeling sorry for yourself. You were stupid and you know it.

Yeah. I was stupid. It was all so easy though…my wildest dreams at a click of a mouse. And you don’t feel the money leaving! You don’t see it as it runs and runs, sneakily, one by one, with every tiny purchase until you’re left with NOTHING. That’s when you fall hard…into the pit of darkness and despair that is overspending. WHY SUPERDRUG WHY MUST YOU CONSTANTLY HAVE THINGS I WANT??


That’s enough, Sasha. Just calmmm down.




Really, now. You’re a grown woman.


Just come with me, Sasha. We’re going to take you somewhere nice, where you can relax and take a break from internet shopping.

*Arrives at the ‘Reading is a Great Alternative’ institute for internet addicts, shopping ward*

What. Where are all the computers. Why am I surrounded by books. WHAT IS THIS HELL???

This is my last final message before I am purged of modern life forever…SOMEONE PLEASE RESCUE ME I NEED YOUTUBE TO SURVIVE

What have I become???

L o v e Y o u


Click here to reveal the product of my whirlwind of internet madness…

‘Beauty Shopping’

i.e. Spending way too much money on things you know, deep down inside, that you don’t really need / already have five of.

In an effort to prevent myself from falling into the never-ending pit of darkness and despair that is impulse buying (or, more accurately, receiving the bank statement after a period of impulse buying), I have made myself a specific list of the things I actually need so that I will only spend money on those. Very grown up and responsible. Well done me.

I have also gone to the trouble of researching which store the products are cheapest in. Most of the products are cheapest in Superdrug, in fact the only one that isn’t is a Boots own brand nail polish remover. There was one product that was the same in both shops, so I put the product on the pathetic-looking Boots list because I felt sorry for it.

Unfortunately my genius plan has a flaw. There are some non-specific things I need, such as waterproof eye shadow for apple bobbing or similar, and liquid eye liner. This will probably lead to me buying 50 different shades of waterproof eye shadow and five liquid eye liners. NOT GOOD.

What may also happen is that I will see something and think, ‘oh my god i must have that why isnt that on my list it so totally should be im getting one in every colour’, and totally ignore the system. I think I am simply going to have to rely on my amazing self control skills. HA HA.

Do you have any foolproof methods of shopping control? If ya do…please tell me. I need help.

Love from,