NOTD#3 – Lavender Cake

I love nail polish. I love NOTDs. And I love love love this colour.

NOTD Barry M NOTD Prickly Pear Lavender Cake

This is one of my most worn nail polishes, and for good reason. The Barry M nail paints are probably my favourite (even without the beautifully low prices) as almost all of the ones I’ve tried have truly outshone all others. The ‘Gelly Hi-Shine’ formula is perfect; completely opaque colour in 2-3 strokes (sometimes even a single), long-wearing, precise, beautiful colours and a shine that mirrors the best of gel polishes. The colour comes out exactly as it looks in the bottle (which isn’t the case with all brands, I can tell you) which is just fabulous as the colour in the bottle is woww-ee. Shop the range here.

I adore pastel colours and lavender in particular. I have called this NOTD ‘Lavender Cake’ because the colour is technically lavender but it’s so sweet and sugary it reminds me of a birthday cake. The colour it says on the packet is actually Prickly Pear 330.

It is also known that men love all things floral on women, and lavender is one colour that can be very endearing. Earth tones can’t fail and this colour makes any outfit pop.

Not a fan of Barry M? Here are some other options for you cheeky picky lot…(click on image to shop)

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Thank you so much for reading x

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